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Penelope & Coco

Shoes from the first collection
Shoes from the first collectionPenelope & Coco

Ladies, kick off those heels & chillax in the most amazing thing to hit flat footwear since the comeback of the ballet slipper.

Penelope & Coco is all boots, all the time & provides a true focus on comfort, quality & a dash of quirkiness. Designer Marisa Spinella exploits the dichotomy of the woman’s personality; taking advantage of the need to be soft & raw, feminine & edgy. This blend of alter ego army style boots are the first thing that everyone should be jumping on this fall & will soon be on every fashionista’s radar (& feet!).

Each shoe, handmade in her studio in Los Angeles also focuses on not just the exterior aesthetic, but the comfort of an everyday footbed. This is no runaround & change shoe… wear them casual with jeans or dress them with the shortest of skirts. With five options to choose, some blinged with studs & others bedazzled all over, there is truly a pair for anyone.

Sorry ladies of Atlanta, Penelope & Coco will only be available in New York & LA in the coming months, but the good news is they are is available by e-mail (pre)order now at But save up cause these shoes retail in the $450-$500 range. For more information and styles, go to

Also be sure to check out Marisa’s blog, it provides an interesting array of what’s going on in her head & where her inspiration stems.

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