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Pendulum Use in Reiki Practice

Energy Healer Using Pendulum
Energy Healer Using Pendulum
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One very attractive feature of Reiki is its simplicity. Clients remain fully clothed and may be treated from a standing, sitting or laying position. All that is needed is intent and a qualified practitioner. Contrary to popular belief, one need not even have hands or use symbols to send Reiki energy! However, Reiki practitioners may combine therapies and use other tools and accessories to enhance the Reiki experience. Pendulums are quite popular among Reiki therapists. Here are some ways they may be used to add value to your Reiki healing session. See a list below of Los Angeles locations where you can learn to use a pendulum for your own purposes.

  1. Scan for health issues. The practitioner may use a clear crystal pendulum or a different corresponding stone for each organ group. Holding the pendulum above each area (chakra), the practitioner asks "are these organs healthy"? If there is a "no" swing, Reiki is "beamed" onto the affected area for several minutes.
  2. Prep the treatment space. One method of prepping a treatment area is to hold a clear crystal pendulum while moving around the room clockwise. Clap in each corner to break up stagnant energy in the space. Rinse the pendulum in tepid tap water for 30 seconds. Return to the starting place, move clockwise again around the room, drawing the Reiki power symbol. Starting for the third time at the point of origin, move around the room clockwise and hold the pendulum up in each corner to check for free-flowing positive energy around the room.
  3. Check chakras. Some Reiki practitioners hold a pendulum above each chakra of the Reiki client asking, "is this chakra clear and balanced"? This is like using an X-ray as a visual tool to see what's going on inside the Reiki recipient. Data gathered from the pendulum is used to locate energy blockages that need to be cleared during the session. Chakras can be checked again at the end fo the session to make sure all areas are unblocked.
  4. Select therapeutic essential oils. Sometimes essential oils are diffused or burned during a Reiki session to raise vibrational frequencies. A pendulum may be used to identify which oils are best for the day or for a specific client. The practitioner will hold the pendulum above the oils and use two or three selected by the pendulum's directional swing.

Have you ever visited a healer who used an interesting 'add-on' during the appointment?Plese leave a comment to share your story.

Want to know more about pendulums? Attend a workshop in the Los Angeles area:


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