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Pen-hen spared from the pot

Mumble hasn't yet tried to swim like her namesake.
Mumble the pen-hen hasn't tried to swim.

Mumble thinks she's a penguin.

Her odd stance has kept her from becoming dinner.

Hatched in Jiangsu, a province in eastern China where she is owned by farmer Lu Xi, this little hen has become a local celebrity. So much so, UK's The Telegraph published an article bringing news of the funny little chicken to the US.

The family was so taken by the chicken and her appearance, they have decided that she will remain as a family pet rather than becoming dinner as she was originally destined.

She was named 'Mumble' by the local media for the penguin character in the movie Happy Feet. Mumble the penguin couldn't sing and instead danced. Because of her similar horizontal position she's drawn immense interest in the area.

Mumble the upright chicken
Mumble among her peers.

Mumble's posture is erect, similar to upright Indian Runner Ducks, unlike normal horizontally inclined chickens. She waddles and holds herself completely upright, even holding her wings straight down like the water-loving relative. 

Mumble has become the family pet
Mumble the family pet.

Mr. Xi said, "It only has little wings, as well-just like a penguin- which it sticks out when it walks. I guess that's why it never flies.

"I had not seen the film but I like the name, although my bird can't dance - and I don't think it can swim either. 

"But it should be happy - my family all like it and so we decided to keep it instead of putting it in the pot." 

 For more info: Check out the original article  We may not have a penguin-mimicking chicken to enjoy in Kansas City, but why not go visit the Kansas City Zoo for a bit of bird species enjoyment? 


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