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Pembroke Pines Charter School teachers at impasse with City of Pembroke Pines

Teachers at Pembroke Pines Charter School and the City of Pembroke Pines are at an impasse over the distribution of $999,704 in state allocated funds for Pembroke Pines Charter School instructional staff raises. After a long period of negotiations, between the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) and the City of Pembroke Pines, teachers are still waiting for their raises, according to BTU President Sharon Glickman.

Glickman was quoted in a BTU release dated April 16 as saying, “BTU members have worked hard with the city’s representatives to address concerns about meeting future salary obligations while also recognizing the municipality’s budget issues. Fortunately in the past, the members of the City Commission have always proven themselves to not only be good listeners, but to be a deliberative body capable of finding common ground in the interest of students, their parents and teachers,” said Glickman.

Charter schools have become more popular in Florida in recent years. Many students and parents like the choice that charter schools offer. But charter schools have been criticized for taking money from more established public schools. They have also been criticized for not performing significantly better than established public schools and in some cases worse.

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