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Pelé not dead: CNN tweets premature news of soccer star's passing

Pele not dead, despite CNN tweet
Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Legendary soccer player Pelé is not dead, despite a tweet from CNN's show “New Day” that broke the supposed news earlier on Friday. GossipCop shared the details on March 28.

Pelé, 74, is still alive and well in spite of the supposed breaking news that he had passed away. The soccer player's rep was quick to jump in and debunk the rumors that Pele was dead. Though most know the legendary Brazilian soccer player as Pelé, his full given name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

While many celebrities and athletes have been the subject of death hoaxes over the past year or two, this one was something a little different. This wasn't a death hoax so much as somebody on a news Twitter account who wrongly jumped the gun and tweeted out inaccurate information.

Luckily for Pelé fans, the soccer star is doing just fine. Chances seem pretty good that someone with CNN's “New Day” show will be getting a bit of retraining or a bit of time away from monitoring the Twitter account.

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