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Pegasus: A Dragon's Tale is a tale of friendship and bravery.

“Pegasus: A Dragon's Tale” by Gina LoBiondo shows young readers how to be a good friend.
Nephthys Publications

“Pegasus: A Dragon's Tale” by Gina LoBiondo shows young readers how to be a good friend.

Prince Dayshawn and Princess Kameela are two young bears who love to play on the grounds of their Kingdom. While out frolicking, Prince Dayshawn discovers a brightly colored egg nestled in some tall grass under a tree. The young bears take the egg home. When the egg hatches a little dragon appears. The Prince and Princess nurture and play with the dragon and name him Pegasus. When Pegasus grew too big for the Kingdom, the King banished him to a land where he could grow and someday find other dragons. As time passed the young bears grow and often wonder what had become of Pegasus. One day the Kingdom was raided, the young Prince and Princess were kidnapped. Tied up and wondering if they would survive they found themselves being rescued by a familiar friend.

“It's a great bedtime story to tell young ones,” says the author. “The underlying story teaches young readers about friendship and bravery. Parents can ask questions and get young readers engaged in caring for a pet, just as an example.”

Gina LoBiondo grew up loving faerie tales. She began writing stories when she was 13 and continues to do so today. She has received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award and is an International Book Awards Finalist. For more information about her books, see her personal website at as well as the illustrator’s site at

Title: Pegasus A Dragon's Tale

Author: Gina LoBiondo

Illustrator: Stephanie Zuppo

Publisher: Nephthys Publications

ISBN: 9780982264829

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