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Peering into photography at Moore Cove Falls (Photos)

Moore Cove Falls in Western North Carolina.
RDL MILLS, 2009.

Photographer RDL Mills took the photographs in this article of Moore Cove Falls in 2009. The waterfall is located near Brevard, North Carolina and is fifty feet high.

Moore Cove Falls is located in the Pisgah National Forest and is accessible by walking on a moderately challenging trail. Visitors can also walk behind the falls in the summertime. The cool moist waters look very inviting.

According to this site's article on Moore Cove Falls, (click here to view), the waterfall has a low volume of waterflow most of the time. The best time to visit Moore Cove Falls is after a heavy rain.

So much allure can attract one to this particular waterfall. Perhaps it is the part about walking behind its waterflow, a more personal invite into nature. Or maybe it is Moore Cove Falls' surrounding beauty. Large oaks, the rhododendron, maples, pines and more. Whatever it is this waterfall is a must see for all who yearn to be a part of something spectacular.

Moore Cove Falls is amazing in the autumn too. But one would rather, say summer is the more amazing time to go there. Nothing like feeling the splashes of cool waters in the hot, hot days here.

Check into Moore Cove Falls for lots of fun! And oh, don't forget to take pictures. These are memories you will to hold onto forever.


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