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Peeping Tom terrifies Boston woman while she takes a shower, caught on video

The peeping Tom who terrified a Boston woman while she was taking a shower was caught on video, and authorities are hoping that the video released by the Boston Police Department will help capture the unwanted peeping Tom. Until the stalker is caught, the victim of the peeping Tom is refusing to stay in her apartment at night, reports the New York Daily News on Aug. 18.

Peeping Tom terrifies Boston woman while she takes a shower, video goes viral
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“It's terrifying to see someone so close to where I sleep, it is horrifying," says the 37-year-old woman who is remaining anonymous. And the thought that someone is watching through a window while you are taking a shower is beyond creepy.

The Boston woman, who lives alone on the first floor of an apartment building on Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton, says that Tuesday’s incident was apparently not the first time that she had the unwanted visitor at her apartment. About three weeks ago, her boyfriend had told her that a suspicious man had been looking into her apartment. When her boyfriend confronted the man, he said that he was looking for his dog, and then quickly ran away. A few days later, she herself heard noises outside while she was home alone. “It is really concerning because the brush covering my window is so tall and thick that it takes someone with great determination and audacity to get past it,” she told authorities.

After the first two incidents, the apartment building manager installed security bars, alarms, and a surveillance camera on her windows. Following the installation, there were no signs of the peeping Tom until the night when the Boston woman took a shower. One of the woman’s neighbors also reported having seen a suspicious man in the area since May.

In regard to the peeping Tom in Boston, authorities are concerned that while at this time there seems to be no indication that the stalker has actually tried to enter any residence, they are hoping to catch the man as soon as possible. In order to have gained access to the woman’s bedroom window, the stalker would have had to climb over a tall hedge. The next time he might not just want to climb over a tall hedge but actually try to get inside the house. Police are asking anyone with information in regard to the suspicious individual to call detectives at 617-343-4256.

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