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Peeping Tom's eerie face lurks at Boston woman's bedroom window in viral video

A Boston woman could not shake an eerie feeling that she was being watched at night while she was sleeping. After her boyfriend spotted a man outside and near her bedroom window, she sets up a security camera. The woman finds that her instinct was right on target, a man is seen peering in her bedroom window, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Sunday morning Aug. 17.

Boston woman finds eerie face peering into her bedroom window on security video.
YouTube screen shot

The 37-year-old woman’s bedroom window is surrounded by thick and tall bushes, has security bars and it now has the new addition of a surveillance camera. You would think that would deter a person, but yet this peeping Tom apparently threw all caution to the wind to continue to lurk outside her window looking in at night, reports Live Leak today.

According to The Boston Globed, the woman called the police with proof that a man was peering at her as she slept and they’ve reviewed the tape and sure enough, there’s the peeping Tom! The unnamed woman lives in a first floor apartment in Brighton alone, so you can imagine how frightening this is for her, reports the Boston Globe.

It is not as if this was just one incident, the guy kept coming back for more. Police first came out on a call to the woman’s home in an apartment building on Commonwealth Avenue on Wednesday at about 12:35. They came after receiving a call that she saw a man looking in her bedroom window.

Three weeks prior, the victim’s boyfriend had come by her house when she wasn’t home and he saw a man near her apartment window and he appeared to be looking in. The boyfriend confronted him, but the guy said that he had lost his dog and then he quickly fled the area.

A few days later she heard the bushes rustling outside her window while she was home alone. She contacted the manager of the building and they immediately put on the window bars and alarmed her windows and doors. That is when she put the security camera on her window, in hopes of catching this guy, according to eBaums World website.

After the camera, bars and alarm were installed, it seemed as if the peeping Tom moved on and weeks went by without an incident. Then last Tuesday, the woman got out of the shower and she decided to check the footage on the security camera, something she does now periodically.

Low and behold there in the window was a man’s face. This sent shivers up her spine seeing this man’s face peering in her bedroom window. She was only a few windows down in her bathroom taking a shower as the guy was looking in at her bedroom.

She felt sick and wanted to throw up at the thought of this guy watching her, especially now that she could put a face to the elusive voyeur. She said that she couldn’t eat all day after seeing the video. The victim said that one of her neighbors living in the next building has noticed signs of a peeping Tom since May in the area of the apartment house, but no one else has reported anything.

The video is seen above and it has been posted online in hopes that someone recognizes this guy and calls the police to identify him. The detectives on this case ask that anyone with any information call them at 617-343-4256.

The victim does not believe that the perpetrator has tried to enter her apparent, but she fears it may escalate to that if he is not caught soon. The guy has tenacity because this is not an easy window to access, claims the victim. The thick and tall bushes are like a barrier and this guy has “determination” and the “audacity” to continue even when he has to get past this barrier just to look in her window.

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