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Peeling back the layers of your life - letting go!

Peeling back the layers of your life – letting go!

Recently, I took the endeavor upon myself of moving from a house to an apt., sounding simple and routine as many in this world do on a regular basis though for myself this was a culmination of seven years in the discovery of letting go. When the decision was made my oldest daughter asked me where I would start in the latest transition and my response was in being methodical and was transpired became an un-layering of the anchors in my life. A process of sorting out possessions into mental groupings of what I chose to save, sale, give away and dispose of in a succession of layers revisited many times and categorized many times shifting from what I thought of as serving in my life and in the end seeing those same thoughts shift more closely to decisions of keeping based on a heart attachment rather than a physical attachment, letting go of items and retaining items of memory less the anchors I clearly had not seen in beginning the process of sorting and disposing of in the early stages of competing not only a physical move in location and also an un-tethering one movement at a time.

In the first stage, possessions held value according to monetary and need and through the stages possessions held value according to value retained of the memories in allowing monetary value swiftly to become disposable and heart value rising to the top in choices of what is retained. Then sorting through the pieces of memories layered in the good, bad and ugly to be un-layered into retaining and a forgiving process in seeing the good and deciding the physical items I chose to savor and save in life as it goes forward. At least 60 trash bags were filled with discard, items sold and many given away, no longer needed in identifying who I am in a physical world. In the end, personal items which once covered a three story house now house a storage unit not much greater in size than a large walk in closet. There are those in my life who might see this done just in the present time frame rather than over a seven year period of releasing and finding the heart of life I hold dear rather than the anchors of a lifetime with my own wondering over many years of where the direction of my life as leading and why. In the end, a final present step of releasing and rebuilding again. Reexamining and retaining what I have chosen to take forward as most dear in four Rubbermaid’s of photos and personal items which brought the most joy over many decades and un-anchoring, forgiving and appreciating all for what was provided.

I have always appreciated the fools card depicting variations of simplicity and moving forward into the unknown where possessions are few yet the mind and vision is held in faith that becoming anew would be without loss and being bold enough and centered to be the visionary of the soul rather than materialistic and anchored in items too great in being free to be of a vision of recreating a life of heart choice rather than physical choice weighed in the need to possess. The process is not unique or unusual in this world for many reasons or conditions chosen or being faced though also a process over the last few years many have met with anger, violence and found un-layering of life many times to be a life or death challenge in receiving rather than finding peace in the self giving and understanding which can be provided in holding monetary and material wealth higher than peace of the heart. Take a look around you at this time and whatever you might be seeing, are you surrounded by peace in your environment or chaos of the attachments you have created which lack a need but have created what seems to be un-detachable anchors of your needs rather than desires. What is needed in your circle of vision to move objects of your creation from chaos to peace and what drives you in retaining or releasing the unnecessary? Do you feel free to see vision or are you bound in anchors which no longer serve who you are and do you reside in peace?

Destiny is of our creation and constantly changing according to our desires , never set in stone and always open to a new canvas to be repainted and given new color, loss is only felt when life becomes more of a past vision rather than a future remembered by the past rather than lived in the past. Who are you and does your creation still serve you or does your creation serve a you less known than who you are? Challenge yourself to peace and create your plan of un-layering your life, only you can make the choices which are needed and be blessed in who you are in letting go! Uncloak, peel back and rediscover your choice of destiny as only you can do in un-layering and letting go!




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