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Peeing in pools can pose serious health risks to others

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With steamy summer days upon us, many people throughout the country may be anxious to head to the pool to cool off. However, a new study has shown that those who urinate in pools may be doing more than just grossing out their fellow swimmers with their nasty behavior by placing their health at greater risk than previously thought. This goes for athletes such as Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte (who have both confessed topeeing in pools both during practice and competitive events), as well as kids and “lazy” adults.

“Some people go and some don’t, but on the average, individual people leave about 30-80 milliliters of urine in a pool every time they swim,” according to ecology professor Ernest R. Blatchley III of Purdue, who went on to state that when acid found in urine mixes with chlorine found in pools, it creates two toxic by-products; cyanogens chloride, which can damage the lungs, heart and central nervous system, as well as trichlorame linked to respiratory ailments.