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Pee-wee Herman’s movie props for sale: ‘Circus Gypsy Wagon from Big Top Pee-wee'

Pee-wee Herman fans might be interested in knowing a little nostalgia is up for sale. The lavish wagon from Big Top Pee-wee is currently being offered and the fans are encouraged to consider buying it for their collection. As most fans don’t necessary know if the star is involved with types of memorabilia sales, Pee-wee let everyone know on social media he is actively involved in selling the wagon. Interested? It will only cost $29,0000.

“Circus Gypsy Wagon from Big Top Pee-wee FOR SALE! If you have an extra $29,000.00,” tweeted Pee-wee Herman from his official twitter account. The entertainer included a link to the movie showcasing the prop to remind fans were it was used.

Big Top Pee-wee is a 1988 American adventure comedy film and the sequel to Pee-wee's Big Adventure. The movie was big in the late 1980s and the opportunity to but the gypsy wagon might be perfect for any collector looking to have something special.

Of course you don’t need to purchase it to take a look at the wagon once used for the movie. The star has set up a website and the pictures show the amazing detail on this moving prop. From the interior design to the beautiful outside décor it’s quite amazing. Add that it looks like it is simply parked in someone’s driveway and it looks even more spectacular!

Take a look at the clip of Big Top Pee-wee and check out the wagon. It’s one of a kind and whoever buys it definitely is one lucky collector!

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