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Pee Wee Herman bike sells for $36,600 on eBay and it's in pieces

Pee Wee Herman's bike sells for $36,600 on eBay.
"Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure" movie promo

Pee Wee Herman’s bike from the movie “Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure” was just sold on eBay for $36,600. This is the bike’s third owner with the first owner being Paul Reuben or Pee Wee Herman himself, according to Today Entertainment News on March 7.

This is not a bad price that the owner is getting for this bike considering the retro beach cruiser is in pieces. The bike comes with a letter of authenticity and Warner Bros. plans and spec sheet for the bike on red cargo boxes. It also has an autographed picture of Paul Reuben with the bike.

Paul Rueben, who played the character of Pee Wee Herman in the 1985 movie, rode that bright red bike in the film. The previous owner has the bike in pieces and when asked why he said it was due to a previous sale that fell through. He had taken it apart to ship and didn’t put it back together before putting it back up on eBay.

This owner purchased the bike in 2010 of $10,000, so he got a nice return on his investment. He wrote on the eBay listing that he has to sell the bike because his family is growing. It is not known who purchased the Pee Wee Herman bike on eBay, but you’ll know the bike if you see it riding around in your neck of the woods!

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