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Pedestrian Deaths In San Francisco

No doubt about it January has been a tragic month for Pedestrian related deaths, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr has pledged "stepped up " enforcement of the "Out of Control" Drivers, like that has not been evident to this writer for the past three weeks. On the other hand S.F. Chronicle Columnist C.W. Nevius wrote an interesting piece calling pedestrians "militant", maybe entitled.

Rules of the Road, apply to the driver "Look for" and "Yield" to the pedestrian in the designated crossing area, forget about the Jaywalking tickets, In this City? right, just like traffic enforcement will be stepped up. Regardless of where your driving always be on the lookout for "Rouge" impulsive entitled pedestrians, you'll have to live with the fact for the rest of your life that as a driver "you hit, hurt an possibly fatally injured" one of them. Slow down, pay attention and keep your attitude towards them in check, you might save a few lives in the process.

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