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PED has made much progress!

PED just keeps doing great things - check them out!
PED just keeps doing great things - check them out!
Pangea Educational Development Facebook Page

PED, the antonym for Pangea Educational Development, that began with a trio of young men and has built a structure from there, has made progress toward their goal of creating sustainability in rural villages in Africa. One of their first major projects was at Tooro High School and they are proud of the progress that has been made in that one location alone.

To date, they have plastered the walls, laid a brand new floor and a conversion wall which will divide a large place into two distinctly smaller spaces. The project will allow them to help improve the classroom environment as well as assist in helping the school to generate over one quarter of their annual budget. The sustainability will pay off as the income arrives to help keep the school in working order for the students! It all seems so easy, but until PED, no one really bothered to show the people of Uganda how this all could work for their benefit.

Each summer, the main group of guys is met by a group of volunteers which seems to be growing each and every year. This is the 501 (c)(3) organization’s third year of existence. Since being founded in the Spring of 2011, they have taken on many missions overseas and offer great opportunities for many others to get involved. Who would have thought that three young men from Wrigleyville could create such a going concern?

Andy Bauer, Drew Edwards and Kevin Oh, roommates, business owners, professionals in their various fields, are setting the bar high for others that need them. Now they are proving to the world that it does not matter your age, but the fact that you WANT to do something that matters – and they are!

From dispensing much needed medications in foreign villages, to creating computer rooms to building up schoolhouses, this influential trio has set the bar high and has overcome the hurdle each and every time! The amount of research and government contact alone is enough to make most people throw in the towel, but not the PED founders!

Already a couple of locals will be returning with stories to share. Each volunteer that travels with PED becomes like family, so what they have to say is an important part of PED’s mission.

Pangea Educational Development (Pangea, a Greek word meaning all-earth, demonstrates the unity that PED feels and displays in their work) is focused on new and better ways to spread their love of mankind so they have joined Instagram and Twitter and, of course, remain on Facebook. Now others are able to share their photos, stories and treasured times with the world.

Logon to share in the experiences PED has created by teaching sustainability in the Ugandan region of Africa. Maybe you, too, will want to one day experience the joy that comes from people helping people!

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