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Ped Egg foot file: As Seen On TV reviews


    Ped Egg Foot File                             photo by Diane Thomas

Okay, if you're reading this review of the Ped Egg then two things are true:  1) You've seen the commercial and, like many people, you probably find the site of someone filing the dead skin off their feet and happily dumping the shavings into the trash to be, at the very least, somewhat distrubing  and 2) You still really do want to know if it works. This review is for you.

  • Purchased: CVS
  • Price:            $10
  • Date:             12-08

Review                                                                                                                                                                               The Ped Egg foot file is an egg shaped device just big enough to fit comfortably in your hand. It has a flat side that contains a foot file reminiscent of a cheese grater. On the TV ads people grate away at their dead, cracked skin and callouses until their feet are beautifully pedicured and ready for public view. The secret, according to the advertisements, is the Ped Egg's micro-files. In reality, micro-files remove nearly microscopic amounts of skin. It would probably take weeks to get the baby soft look and feel of the models' feet if your feet are as bad as the before examples in the commercial. The compartment into which the dead skin is collected is large enough to hold a year's worth of skin shavings, which is also not a pleasant thought if someone isn't inclined to clean it regularly.

Summary                                                                                                                                                                           The ergonomic shape of the Ped Egg is comfortable to hold. The product should last a long time. It does remove dead skin, but slowly.  If your not interested in collecting your skin shavings then a good pumice stone foot file may a better choice. The Ped Egg does, however, make an interesting gag gift.

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