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Pebble is a watch with useful notifications and getting better

The days of digital watch craze may be coming back with the Pebble smart watch. There are many things you can say about your previous digital watches that would not be true with the Pebble. There is no calculator, no random alarms, and no fading numbers. The Pebble smart watch is truly a watch first and a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone.

Pebble on in box
Pebble on in boxJohn Murray III
Pebble is a watch with useful notifications and getting better
Pebble is a watch with useful notifications and getting betterJohn Murray III

The Pebble smart watch may not have the camera or microphone built in like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but it is a device that provides a basic use with a easy connection to multiple phones not just one or two. The watch face options are simple and easy to read. There are additional options you can add via an iOS or Android app. The watch also is always on.

The Pebble smart watch was tested with full functionality with an iPhone 5 running iOS 7. With the change in how iOS handles notifications, notifications came through the device for text messages, mail, phone calls, alarms, Google+, Twitter, and others. According to many sites, just about any type of text notification can be set to show on the Pebble smart watch when connected to a phone running iOS 7.

You can control music after launching the app from your phone. Using the buttons on the right side of the Pebble smart watch, you can go to the next or previous track or pause and play a song. The buttons require you to press them in to navigate. While it doesn’t have a touch screen, the navigation seemed much smoother than other wearable devices.

The Pebble smart watch allowed the reading of notifications, text, and emails. It was easy to scroll through the items. With a comfortable backlight that could be set to on, off, or auto, you don’t have to bring the watch up to your face to read. Sitting in meetings or at the dinner table made for an easy look without disrupting a conversation.

The Pebble smart watch also enables control of a phone call. The call goes through the phone or another connected Bluetooth headset, speaker, or wired device. The Pebble smart watch displayed the name of the person being called. To disconnect a call, you would simply press the disconnect button on the side of the watch. Since you are talking through another device, other wouldn’t hear the conversation or see you talking into your wrist.

Pebble has recently announced an API for other developers to build apps that connect with your Pebble smart watch beyond notifications. Further expansion is coming to an already nice device. If you are looking for a comfortable watch that connects you with the smart phone in your pocket, stop by your local AT&T store or visit their website to purchase the Pebble smart watch for $150.