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Pebble: Destined to be the SmartWatch of choice

This clock shows time in polar mode
This clock shows time in polar mode

On January 6th Pebble, a crowd-funded startup that is outpacing tech giants like Samsung and Sony, announced "Steel," the 2.0 version of its flagship product.

Pebble is a "SmartWatch," a computer on your wrist. It can run for up to seven days on one battery charge. You can add new apps to Pebble. It even has its own app store, opening soon. And when you are hooked and want to meet up with other Pebble users, there's PUG, the Pebble Users Group.

Pebble started out as an idea that was put on kickstarter and raised an impressive $10 million in 2012. In 2013 300,000 of them were sold. Now the company is ready with its next version.

Pebble has many applications. It can remotely control your phone, your home, your camera, and whatever else an app developer can come up with. You can remotely control your GoPro directly from your Pebble. You can find a nearby restaurant with Yelp, listen to music with Pandora, keep up with your favorite team on ESPN and do many other things like remotely control your Mercedes Benz with the Mercedes app. And we're sure there will be many other applications ongoing in the new app store.

Pebble has many watch faces. This article's image is one of the more obscure ones. The image shows the time as three concentric arcs. the innermost arc is the hour 'hand,' the next shows minutes and the outermost is the seconds. You may be able to see now that the time showing in the image is 1:20:57.

See the company's Pebble Steel announcement on YouTube.

Pebbles cost $249. They are available on and at retailers like and Best Buy.

If you're one of those who need the very latest of everything, you'd better hurry and get your very own Pebble. In fact, if you pre-order a new Pebble Steel you'll get free worldwide shipping.

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