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Peavey readies 'Simpsons,' 'Star Wars' among latest licensed product

At last month’s Toy Fair, Peavey Electronics general manager of business development Tony Moscal was particularly excited about the popular musical instrument manufacturer’s recently secured license from Major League Baseball (MLB).

Peavey's Tony Moscal at Toy Fair.
Jim Bessman

Peavey had attended a baseball trade show last year during MLB’s winter meetings, and signed a licensing deal at the end of the year for junior musical instruments and accessories including ukuleles, half-size junior guitars, picks and leather straps.

“We’re doing a huge Toys "R" Us launch during spring training at the flagship store in Times Square, and trying to get the product in all the ballparks,” said Moscal, who showed several other new licenses at Toy Fair.

From DreamWorks came a How to Train Your Dragon 2 kids drum set, ukulele, half-size guitar, straps and pics; other product tied-in with the studio’s Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda franchises.

On the comics front, Peavey had DC Comics and expanded Marvel Entertainment merchandise, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America 2 product featuring “more detailed graphics as opposed to cartoon-y.”

Speaking of cartoons, Peavey showed new licensed items tying in with the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, as well as The Simpsons’ 25th anniversary, the latter category being “the hardest to decide on [regarding] graphics.”

“Bart, Homer, the family—what images do we go with?” wondered Moscal, standing in front of several Simpsons guitars, each featuring a different graphic.

“We’ll probably have a wide range of product,” he added, citing full-size guitars with appeal for non-musicians as “a great canvas to peg on the wall.”

Meanwhile, “the ink just dried” on a long-sought Peavey deal with Star Wars, such that the display of Star Wars guitars lacked the final images. But they’ll allow for “collectible [and] more expensive” instruments, noted Moscal.

And in a licensing agreement with the Beatrix Girls musician dolls, Peavey is making real Beatrix Girls replica guitars.

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