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Peas and Thank you

shepherds pie , good with snow in march.
Leon Buenviaje

Weather in Hampton Roads can prove to be a coin toss in polar opposites. I base my daily menu features on the subsequent weather, rain or shine, hot or cold; I express this mood onto the plate. That being said, I have been utterly confused at the start of spring. It just snowed on top of Saint Patrick’s Day, which is also the milestone I gauge that the spring season has finally awakened and ready to blossom. After the burden of winter and hot toddy’s, there is a renewal, The spring of local ingredients, rebirth of lighter, simpler, developed dishes, the spring sun kisses my face and tempts all my flavor receptors. The Snow has made me home sick for something new and lush. The floral note in the air makes me want to pair food and drink in preparation for warmth and flops. I am ready to fall-superman-style, into local food-stuff of the season, fresh green peas, asparagus, strawberries and pineapple to name a few, Thank you “Spring” for doing a few fakies but finally putting your feet down. Plates will become more vibrant, less focused on comfort from the cold and just purely comfort, more so on the new life of flavor, ingredients and texture. Yes, please, may i have some more.
Here is a go-to spring staple in my pantry:
Green pea pesto-
2oz fresh garlic, 4 oz scallions, 4 oz chopped fresh parsley, 2oz Suffolk peanuts, 2 oz fresh basil,5 mint leaves,1.5 cups of fresh peas(blanched and chilled) 3 oz of fine Parmesan, tablespoon of grain mustard. 1oz lemon zest. 4 oz extra virgin olive oil. Pulse ingredients in food processor till paste formed. Salt and pepper to taste.
This is great on roasted white asparagus, grilled chicken, lamb or pork crown.( silly-good in a grilled cheese with Swiss, fresh tomato and sourdough)

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