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Pearl necklaces for under $50


A pearl necklace is one item a woman should not be without.  A string of luminescent, perfectly round pearls, laying across the collarbone breathes sophistication and exhales timeless beauty.

Before we go any further, let's talk about types of pearls.  There are two main types:

  • Saltwater-These pearls are grown within pearl oysters in the ocean.  These pearls retail much higher in price due to the quality and rarity.  A single oyster produces one pearl.
  • Freshwater-The natural variety of fresh water pearls form in various species of freshwater mussels which reside in lakes, rivers and ponds.  Today most freshwater pearls are cultured and are usually cultivated in China.  The cultivating technique used usually produces twenty or more pearls in a single oyster.

Lucky for us, few people can detect the difference.

Pearl necklaces can be literally worn with anything for any occasion.  This is why it is necessary for every woman to own one.

Let's talk about lengths. There are five main lengths of pearl necklaces.  The pearl collar, pearl choker, princess necklace, opera necklace and pearl rope.  The princess necklace being most popular.  To see a view of these necklace lengths click here.

 Here are a few options of pearl necklace for under $50:

This chic freshwater pearl necklace and earring set on sale at Kohl's for $21.99, it retails for $70.00.  The pearls are irregular in shape which adds a contemporary feel while still maintaining a classy look.

This set is a major deal.  For $29.99 you receive freshwater pearl stud earrings, bracelet and necklace!  This set retails for $99.99 at Sears online.  Hurry up, a discounted freshwater pearl set like this won't last forever.

Want an eye-popping pearl necklace?  Then this one is for you.  This freshwater pearl necklace is dotted with gorgeous black agate stones.  Although this is not considered to be a traditional pearl necklace, it is still beautiful.  The length of the necklace gives it versatility.  It can be worn doubled, single or even wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet.  The black stones mixed with the pearls gives off an glamorous look.  It can be found on for $35.99.

I know some of you are thinking, "I can get a pearl necklace at Forever 21 for $7.99, why spend more?"  Well, it is true, you can buy a "pearl" necklace at Forever 21 or any other store but it won't last.  Those necklaces are made of plastic and cheap string.  The string may break, leaving your floor scattered with plastic pearls and setting you up for a typical comedic spill.  The plastic pearls can crack or their color may fade.  Then you will be forced to go out and buy another $7.99 necklace.  A complete waste of money.  Don't throw your money away.  A good quality pearl necklace is not hard to find.  It will last years and look nicer. 

Not everyone can afford diamonds but everyone can afford quality pearls.  Perhaps pearls are a girl's new best friend.


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