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Pearl Harbor, Madiba, “Revolution” income inequality & the 1%

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I might as well have titled today’s blog, the promulgation of myths and the rich white people who breathe the breath of life into them.

See now when I read a first sentence of a piece that is that provocative I know I’m going to read a blog written from the parallax; a different take on the myths created and fed us by the one-percent. However, I also know that the controlling one-percenters and their boot licking lapdogs will go out of their way to call anyone attacking the one-percenter created and promulgated myths, “conspiracy theorists.”

They, the one-percenters, who own almost everything, control almost everything. The members of the one-percent club have the power of what we used to call “the press” and today refer to as the “media.” It is a club that literally bludgeons.

Anyone with that much control is able to create and promulgate “the truth.”

There are many examples today and in the history of this nation the title to this piece lists but a very few.

Today being 7 December and all it seems appropriate to pick on the great tragedy that was Pearl Harbor in 1941.

My place in this section of the multiverse and time-space made it possible for me to have some top drawer teachers, instructors and professors who lived through the period of WWII.

From them I learned facts ordinarily relegated to conspiracy books, magazines and today, blogs.

In my experience talking to and with people all day long I learn just how little people actually know that doesn’t have to do with “reality” TV and its cast of characters.

For that reason I mention that the events of Pearl Harbor are not necessarily as told and promulgated. For most “Americans” it is just too painful to believe that anyone who knew that the events of the day were going to occur would not warn the intended victims before those events play out. It’s easier to believe the fabricated and promulgated truth which is what you will hear and see on the one-percent owned and controlled media this day.

It is propitious, perhaps fortuitous, that the day happens in the wake, no pun intended, of the conclusion of the living portion of Nelson Mandela’s life.

The story we are told from this part of the globe leaves out much the one-percent would rather you not know or learn about Mr. Mandela.

Madiba, as he was often referred to by those who knew him well and those who wanted to know him well was very much a counter-culture folk hero. For that he paid a heavy price. Anyone who wishes to alter in even the tiniest way the status quo finds there is always a very heavy price to pay. It is not easy to take one thin dime from the one-percent.

As I am usually wont to put it, “regardless who possesses it, power does not give. Power does not share. Power does not relent. There is no such thing as a bloodless revolution. There is no such thing as the peaceful transition of power, only its illusion. Power corrupts.”

As with anything else there are exceptions, few though they be and Nelson Mandela was one who wielded power and then like a J.R.R. Tolkien mythical figure chose to let it go.

The US revolution was many things to many people in the day. In the day, “Many Americans believed the Revolution was a war not just against improper taxation, but against taxation itself; just as many decried all debt as a moral failure of the political leadership, and funding of the debt as a sop to the moneyed interest.” Little if anything has changed in almost two and a half centuries.

For those reasons we are still caught up in a class war that is so tilted and one-sided that it is amazing that the folk are able to put up any resistance. Myths are a powerful force.

From Texas Red: a cratered landscape of for profit prisons, deplorable apartheid public education, lack of healthcare and politicians and majority population intent on keeping it that way…

Hasta Siempre,



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