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Peanut Proud in Blakely, Georgia

Bunch of Peanuts.
Bunch of Peanuts.

The Peanut Proud festival is this Saturday, March the 22nd in Blakely, Georgia. This festival celebrates everything peanut and is sure to provide a great time for the family (unless you’re allergic to peanuts, in which case you might want to sit this one out)! The Peanut Proud festival is a young tradition, and is only in its second year. The purpose behind starting the celebration was to bring a more positive look to the areas peanut supply after the salmonella outbreak that was linked to the Peanut Corporation of America facilities in Blakely, Georgia and Plainview, Texas.

The Peanut Proud festival kicks off on Saturday at 10a.m. and runs until 4p.m. at the Court Square in downtown Blakely. There will be plenty of food and drinks. Activities include games, a parade, live music and entertainment, a fun run and 5k run, free health screenings and free peanut products, a cook-off, pageant and a ‘little goober’ contest, and many arts and crafts vendors. Various ‘peanut proud’ products are available for sale, like t-shirts, decals and car tags.

Peanut Proud is also involved in shipping peanut butter and other aide to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, so please support them!

For more information, visit Peanut


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