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Peaches inhibit spread of breast cancer

Peaches fight breast cancer
Peaches fight breast cancer
Liz West (

You know already that eating your fruits and vegetables fights cancer naturally. But a new study shows how powerful adding just one fruit to your daily routine can be.

Lab studies at Texas A&M AgriLife Research have shown that an extract from peaches inhibits breast cancer metastasis in mice.

In the study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, researchers implanted cancer cells under the skin of mice with an aggressive type of breast cancer. They saw an inhibition of a marker gene in the lungs of the mice after a few weeks. That was evidence of an inhibition of metastasis when the mice were consuming the peach extract.

The research is important because most complications and high mortality rates associated with breast cancer are caused by metastasis.

The researchers say the phenolic compounds in peaches are responsible for the inhibition of metastasis.

Earlier studies at AgriLife Research showed peach and plum polyphenols selectively killed aggressive breast cancer cells but not normal healthy cells.

The researchers used high doses of the peach extract on the mice. They calculated that for humans it would be equivalent to eating two to three peaches per day.

They used the Rich Lady variety of peach in their study. But any of the 700 varieties of peaches would have similar polyphenol compounds although they might be in different amounts.

Other nutritional benefits of a single peach include fiber (2 grams), vitamin A and vitamin C. Peaches also contain vitamins E and K as well as the B vitamins niacin and folate. They also provide a range of minerals including potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and copper.

Adding peaches to your diet is no hardship. Eat them plain or with yogurt. Add frozen peach slices to smoothies. You can also make salsas with peaches.

Add peach puree to champagne to make a refreshing Bellini.

And here’s a recipe for spicy peach chutney.

Peaches and other stone fruit are highly sprayed with pesticide so make sure you choose the organic version.

When fresh peaches are no longer in season you can always find frozen.

And you can even keep a bottle of organic peach extract on the shelf. Use it to make peach iced tea.

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