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Peaches Christ Isn't "Clueless" On Entertaining Her Masses

Peaches Christ spoofs up "Clueless."

Peaches Christ’s seem to be ready to “Get a Clue!” with her Saturday screening of the classic 1990s comedy “Clueless.” Even though the 8pm show has sold out, a 3pm show was just added so better snap up tickets now.

Like with other productions, Peaches takes over the Castro Theatre and turns a movie screening into an event – with a live preshow that includes a recreated dragified version of the fashionable film as well as a cool bar set-up on the mezzanine level.

Since the 1990s weren’t known for fashion, it surprising that the stylish Peaches would salute such a period. “In general I'm not a huge fan of 90s grunge ‘fashions’ even though I still dress completely mountain woman when I'm not Peaches,” she says. “However, I love the fashions in ‘Clueless’ - the plaids and the knee-highs and mini skirts,” rating them right along side another Peaches favorite 1990s movie “Heathers,” which she has screened in the past.

For those not familiar with screening a movie a la Peaches Christ, the movie is definitely the main course but she fills you with enough appetizers and desserts to make the most satisfying evening – writing a script spoofing the movie, building sets, getting talented guest stars and coming up with outrageous costumes and make-up. “I think the audience is going to LOVE how hideous my pre-makeover for the character Tai,” says Peaches. “We even went so far as to re-create the Troll doll tee-shirt she's wearing but painted on a local queen's mug as an inside joke. I don't want to name names but it rhymes with Shreklina.”

One of Peaches guests stars is one of the most famous “RuPaul Drag Race” contestants William Belli. Peaches is excited to be working with her. “I don't know that her local fans have had the chance to see her act in a play before so I'd expect that's the biggest difference. She'll be channeling the character Cher and even though they both have stuff in common like huge shoe collections, she'll still be playing a character that's not herself.”

Local favorite Mahlae Balenciaga rounds out the cast and Peaches is thrilled to be working with her as she’s been “ruling the SF nightlife scene for a few years now and hosts her own parties all over the Bay Area- from Sacramento to San Jose to San Francisco.”

Peaches is focused on perfecting “Get a Clue” for Saturday but has other projects down the road, one of which she will announce on Saturday. And after Saturday, she will likely focus on taking her “Return to Grey Gardens” show to Los Angeles.

But to get tickets and more information about the March 8 3pm screening of “Clueless” and all its pre-show excitement, go to

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