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Peaceful Pet Store Protests sets aim at Scottsdale "Puppies-N-Love" pet store

Peaceful Pet Store Protests in Scottsdale on 10/31/09
Peaceful Pet Store Protests in Scottsdale on 10/31/09
Photo by: Victoria Welch

Peaceful Pet Store Protests is a nation wide organization who's set their sites on closing down these pet stores that sell puppies raised inhumanely in puppy mills. Some of the signs and slogans produced by the group include "Mall puppies are mill puppies" and "Take a bite out of puppy mills. Don't shop here."

The main focus of today's event was to bring knowledge to the public that the target pet store "Puppies-N-Love" located in the Scottsdale Fashion Square at Camelback and Marshall Way, which is one of several stores in a chain here in the valley, buys its puppies from a company known as The Hunte Corporation. The Hunte Corporation is said to be one of the largest providers of puppies nation wide. Hunte is the largest USDA Class B dealer of "random source" animals in the U.S. and was subject to a lawsuit filed by the Humane Society  as well as several other humane groups nation wide.

Peaceful Pet Store Protests is a self supported nonprofit organization that has been active in protesting "puppy mills" since their birth on May 4th 2008. Puppies-N-Love is the fourth target of this organization since their start in '08. They were successful in closing down 2 of the last 3 of their previous targets, the third owner opted to sell after 2 months of Saturday protests.

According to Peaceful Pet Store Protests spokesperson Jan McClellan, the Frank Mineo chain of pet stores uses several different breeders who have been sighted for multiple violations against the Federal Animal Welfare Act. According to Jan McClellan, "puppies are trucked in from the Midwest by the Hunte Corp. the "middle man" between commercial breeders, aka "puppy mills", and pet stores such as Puppies-N-Love." Jan McClellan went on to say that "the goal was not to shut down the pet stores but rather to have them end their connection with puppy mills".

The manager Chris for the Puppies-N-Love Scottsdale Store insisted that "the company no longer uses several breeders due in large part to the size of their operation." She went on to say that they "meticulously check the background of ALL breeders we purchase from, and that our breeders are required to have at least 2 random vet checks a year, they have random inspections, and they cannot breed every heat. Our breeders have to keep their facilities clean, have to be in sanitary conditions, and they have to live in a climate controlled environment with water and food all day long. Puppies have to be kept with their mothers in a separate location from the rest of the dogs. We pull inspection reports for ALL of our breeders at this store." According to Chris she says that "The owner Frank Mineo does all the research on a breeder before deciding to buy from them, and when he does make a purchase, he'll buy the whole litter, rather then buying several random puppies at a time."

Puppies-N-Love has stated that they do not believe that they violate any laws and plan to continue buying animals as they have in the past.


  • wonky1 5 years ago

    I enjoyed your article. Thanks. I hope bringing this information to the public will help end the puppy mill business. I volunteer at a dog rescue store and there are so many wonderful puppies and dogs that need to be rescued.

  • Dogs 3 years ago

    Why did you buy from them?

  • DogsRGR8 3 years ago

    Puppies N Love dogs are all from puppy mills. They are sick and below breed standards and the staff is a bunch of snake oil salesmen.

  • manymutts 5 years ago

    I am the organizer of Peacefule Petstore Protests. I have to disagree with what the manager of Puppies 'N Love stated in the article about checking their suppliers' backgrounds. We, too, have done our homework and have found just the opposite to be true. Please go to and then go to the "Message Board". There, we have listed many of the violations incurred by their breeders. It is simply a lie that the pet store is telling the public.

  • Aaron M. Norcia 5 years ago

    I'll do a check up on the facts "manymutts" and write a piece on my findings. I jst reported both sides of the story word of mouth from the source. I'll do a follow up by next Saturday.

  • BoopTBoo 5 years ago

    This is a topic that goes all-too often unrecognized all over the country. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront in Arizona. Now if all the other states would follow suit, we would all be better for it.

  • The Jam 5 years ago

    Doesn't the pet store manager realize what she tells people can easily be checked out? I'm sure the organization wouldn't target a business that was following the plan the store manager laid out. One only has to watch Animal Planet to see what a puppy mill looks like. Thanks for keeping this important topic in the public's eye.

  • lolacc 5 years ago

    Actually, I think that protesters are so wrong in this case if they have an issue with the guidlines the USDA sets for the breeders then that is where you should be. These are people working a business and what right do you have to damage that. I have purchased a puppy from there and had no problems and received the inspection report with no violations!!! I did not go to the pound as I do not want a pitbull mix or a dog that someone has abused and may have emotional issues that does not make me a bad person it makes me a responsible parent. I will not risk a dog biting my child. I understand that there is a need for all different kinds of options of adding a pet to your family, why cant you guys?

  • Phil Anthropissed 5 years ago

    It is widely recognized that all puppy stores deny that the puppies come from mills. They are easily proven false. AZ law requires paperwork be kept on site for each puppy and it must be shown to consumers upon request. You must know how to read the documents and the inpsection reports, as our experienced investigators do. We note the breeders given on the paperwork, then research violations on the USDA website.

  • Phil Anthropissed 5 years ago

    Kindly give us your email address and we will be glad to send you the proof of violations. Pet stores have a vested interest in denying the facts and deceiving the public. We are collecting testimony of bad experiences with these stores. Submit to

  • biglove1 5 years ago

    It is neither right nor realistic for any one group to say if we should adopt or buy a pet. People should be allowed to buy a puppy from a breeder or a pet store. Are the breeders in Az licensed inspected and not breeding every heat cycle? Are they professional or just breeding a male and a female and making a profit? Why not go after the breeders in this city that are real discusting puppy mills? Investigate that!! Go stand outside their houses and get them to STOP!! It is horrific what they are doing! There are good breeders and bad breeders as well as good pet stores and bad pet stores.(that sell puppies) The opinion of a group that can protest a business every single week and there is nothing the business can do to get them to stop is ridiculous. There should be a law that these activists can only protest so many times a year, not just when they want to! This activist group believes that anyone breeding animals for profit is a bad place and that is simply not true.

  • Phil Anthropissed 5 years ago

    lolacc: You are sadly misguided about animal shelters. It is a myth that they only have pitbulls and dangerous dogs. There are breed-specific rescue groups for all breeds, sizes, and ages. You have not done your homework. It is an injustice to condemn dogs to death because of your bias and misconceptions.

  • Phil Anthropissed 5 years ago

    biglove1: A law against protesting? You do not know your Amendments to the Constitution. We have every right to object to enterprises that are morally repugnant and that defraud the consumer. Of course you have a "right" to buy a puppy from an unscrupulous breeder or store and contribute to the problem. But we have an absolute right, a moral responsibility to raise public awareness so consumers can make an EDUCATED decision rather than an impulse one.

  • Toni Blood LV NV 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading this article about these pet stores. I agree that they need to stop buying from these places and focus on rescuing animals that need homes, and also they need to lower their prices on the animals they do offer at these places. They all deserve to be placed in good homes, and not stuck in these small cages for long periods of time!

  • valeecia h. age;10 5 years ago

    i loved the article big bro i'm glad your writing about it. They deserve a very good home and a best buddy.Hope it's going good your sis.

  • biglove1 5 years ago

    Are you collecting testimonies from people who have had bad experiences with rescue dogs and breeders too? Just wondering if have you talked to any of the "so called puppy breeders in the midwest that have violations and are non compliant?" Or do you just assume they are all bad and couldn't possibly be breeding anything but unhealthy and imperfect dogs because they couldn't possibly know what they are doing?!! I think if you REALLY checked your facts you would indeed find out that you are not all correct in your attacks on the industry. There are real educated breeders out there that that do this for a living or extra income and yes it is ok to do this. They breed for specifics within the breed that keep the breed what it is supposed to be. Where would we be in 10-15 years if it wasn't for people responsibly breeding QUALITY dogs? I know you think that the dogs that are being bred must not get attention and are denied adequate vet care but you are mistaken in some of your findings.

  • LOLACC 5 years ago

    :Phil Anthropi:I am not misguided for one, I have one rescue dog that is a pit. I do know that there are breed specific rescues..thank you! I have volunteered for several as a foster parent here in Arizona and am a huge animal lover and am very knowledgable. I do know how to read and pull a USDA report thank you. I have done my homeowork and still think that you guys are doing this company an injustice!!!! So you have a couple violations on your website how do we know they are from this store! They have been in business for a long time. They have rights too. When I adopted my pet she had fleas, worms, severe allergies, costing me tons in vet bills. The place I adopted her from was not going to help with that! My puppy I bought at Puppies N Love never had issue with!

  • Aaron M. Norcia 5 years ago

    BigLove, are you asking me if I'm collecting testimony from unsatisfied animl owners and breeders? I'm getting 2 sides of a story, writing it with what I have found to be facts, and allowing for you, the reader to decide. I put plenty of links for whoever wishes to red up more if they like. I'm only a middle man.

  • biglove1 5 years ago

    Aaron 925 philanth.stated they are collecting bad testimonines from experiences people have had. My question was intended for her. You say you reported this by word of mouth side for side I think you missed some sides don't you? This protesting group is always so one sided and only one thing is happening and they want to stop it by protesting the stores that buy and sell puppies. I still say they should use their time more wisely by going to the source there are plenty of really crappy breeders right here in AZ!! let's shut them down and only the real educated breeders and really good rescue groups that stand behind their adoptions be who is left standing! What about the puppy lemon law in AZ why don't breeders and rescue groups here in AZ have to follow the strict guidelilnes that the pet store owners have to follow? It used to be fun to go out and buy a puppy and now you have to worry no matter who you buy it from if you are doing it right or wrong.

  • clara 5 years ago

    to Biglove1, who seems a little out of his league supporting
    the rights of corporations and pet stores above the first ammendemnt and the rights of people to protest. First, even if
    everyone loved puppymill-based puppy stores, even one person could stand out there and dissent, hence the constitution. If you don't like it- do the research, print some leaflets and hold a counter support demo. But please don't be so insulting to tell other people what to do with their precious time.
    There are military people dying to support our constitution- so you need

  • SHAUNA SALING 5 years ago

    Go Mom!

  • spunky1 5 years ago

    Go mom!?
    if a conservative doesn't like guns, they don't buy one.if a liberal doesn't like guns, then no one should have one. if a conservative is a vegetarian, they don't eat meat. if a liberal is they want to ban all meat products for everyone.

  • LOLACC 5 years ago

    spankem spanky1!!!!!!!

  • LOLACC 5 years ago

    I mean SPUNKY!

  • A.J. Norcia 5 years ago

    Daddy, I had fun at the mall when we went to this protest. I watched my little sister Aubrey while mommy took the pictures for your story. Keep up the good work. Loive you Daddy,


  • Truth 5 years ago

    Hey Spanky, If a conservative doesn't like guns, they invade a country over it. If a conservative doesn't like taxes, they give breaks to the richest 1% and say screw you to the rest of us. If a conservative doesn't like gay people, they cry till they lose their rights as humans and Americans. If conservatives don't like government in their health care, they scream about the governments needing to stop abortions. If a Liberal stands up for human rights, constitutional rights, and freedom, they're progressiing this nation. Stupid conservative hypocrites.