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Peaceful end to standoff in Manchester; three arrested

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Manchester Police patrol units and Special Investigative Unit members searching for a wanted man arrived at 402 Auburn Street around noon on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, according to a statement released Wednesday by Manchester Police.

The officers were attempting to locate Akim Alleyne, 23, of Manchester, who is charged with Violation of Bail Conditions and Resisting Arrest. He was also arrested on a Bench Warrant.

Police said that during their search for Alleyne, they learned that he may be in possession of a handgun. Due to this and that Alleyne was refusing to come out of the apartment, SWAT officers were called to the scene. Officers remained on the scene for approximately one and a half hours before Alleyne eventually surrendered.

During the standoff two other people were arrested for their loud and boisterous behavior. The brother and sister, James Seckman, 21 and Darlene Seckman, 20, were both charged with Disorderly Conduct. James was additionally charged with Simple Assault.

Police stated the Seckmans, both of Manchester, refused multiple requests from officers to vacate the area. Officers repeatedly asked them to leave the area in an attempt to make certain the area remained safe for all residents, including the Seckmans.

The Seckmans were walking within 15 feet of the residence where Alleyne was hiding. Officer Joe Voveris had to physically escort Darlene Seckman across the street and while doing so, James Seckman pushed him. Both subjects continued yelling and swearing, therefore both were arrested.

Source: Manchester Police Department

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