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Peace Through Yoga in Zionsville (Photos)

Sally welcomes you to the new studio!
Sally welcomes you to the new studio!
Taken with permission from the Peace Through Yoga website

As you think about your resolutions for the year, consider adding yoga practice to your list. It contains all that life has to offer wrapped in simple package full of richness and fulfillment tied with a Lululemon yoga strap. Instead of going to the gym only to stand on a monotonous machine and go into sensory overload from all the distractions that take your mind off the workout, get on your mat and move with your breath, exhale stress and inhale rejuvenation. If this appeals to you then Peace Through Yoga, one of Indy’s most respected yoga studios, is just the place for you. And to make even more convenient, Peace through Yoga, opened a second location in the heart of Zionsville.

For the last 10 years, they have had a studio nestled among nature in Eagle Creek Park at the Peace Learning Center. This former Lilly family retreat has the perfect vibe for peace and renewal just as the new located on the corner of 106th Street and Zionsville Road promises “People think yoga is about flexibility but it also includes strength building, endurance and balance along with learning to quiet the mind and find inner peace,” says Sally Brown Bassett, owner of the studio. Coming from a died in the wool, “exercise can’t be fun, it has to hurt” kind of person, yoga has been a huge force of shifting in this writers mindset.

The physical aspect of yoga does so many good things for your body. The variability or modifications of postures can match any fitness level and the flow from one pose to the next isn't a huge strain on tired joints. For those who have chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, yoga offers a path to healing and to pain management. But for others who want the burn and the sweat, yes it can give that as well and then some. Try Cassie’s class on Saturday morning! There is no perfect pose or end result that you are striving for. You can always take each pose to the next level. The practice of yoga teaches you to honor your body where it is right now and not to judge it but own it. You are always “good enough” in a yoga class. There is no competition to get stronger or achieve a certain weight but to get to know your body, where your edges are and feel when you are ready to stretch your body. This slow and very personal approach helps to alleviate many of the stress injuries from working out too hard too fast.

The Peace Through Yoga studio has an amazing pool of instructors who all have training and knowledge to provide the best experience from the newbie to the seasoned yogi. Some are graduates of the teacher training program offered by the studio. The diversity among their styles means that you can try so many different forms of yoga from Kundalini to Krya and not get bored. See them in action! But there is so much to the practice of yoga and it is up to you how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole of spiritual discovery. You don’t have to subscribe to a faith, only take your own personal beliefs and allow the quietness of the physical and mental benefits of yoga deepen and strengthen it. From personal experience, even a surface fitness approach to yoga can have a ripple effect beyond the mat into deeper unexpected places of the soul.

Peace Through Yoga not only provides top notch yoga classes, but it also offers workshops, teacher training and abroad humanitarian experiences in partnership with the Women Like Us foundation co-founded by Sally Brown Basset. This foundations aims to bring awareness to global issues that affect women such as human trafficking As the former president/CEO of Ambassadair Travel Club, Sally has traveled to over 130 countries and hosting international yoga adventures with a humanitarian purpose. There are trips to Costa Rica and India this spring and back to Costa Rica in the fall. These trips provide a chance to practice worldly yoga as well as a chance to expand your Karma through work in one of their philanthropic efforts including the library and English center in Costa Rica started by Peace Through Yoga. Locally, the studio has other projects that help fund the foundation including a fabulous cookbook!

“Yoga continues to be one of the fastest growing activities in the United States and, after ten years, we are thrilled to be opening a second studio, especially in Zionsville,” Bassett says. “In the fast-paced society that we live in, yoga truly is a way to find peace, balance, and focus.” Resolve this year to get not only your body in shape, but include some work out for your mind and soul as well. So get on your mat, stay calm and carry on in tree pose. Namaste.


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