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‘Peace through Strength’ revisited solving our World problems

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 09: Worshippers pray before a mass in The Ukrainian Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile, part of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on March 09, 2014 in London, England.
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 09: Worshippers pray before a mass in The Ukrainian Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile, part of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on March 09, 2014 in London, England.
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Whether someone looks forward to Jesus, the Prince of Peace to return or the coming of the Great Imam the world desires peace. Each one of us through the good works we do each day brings us closer to a peaceful way of life.

1925 Peace Dollar coin
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Christians are told in the Holy bible to work out their own salvation. Is the World able to work out its own peace?

Economics was a fundamental cornerstone of Ronald Reagan’s “Peace through Strength” initiative. The United States had to be strong economically to bring about the demise of Communism in the Soviet Union. In fact it was the economic strength of Capitalism in the United States that became, so appealing to Mr. Mikhail Gorbochev.

Ronald Reagan decided it was best for Mikhail Gorbochev to visit National Parks, malls, ocean views and factories rather than intimidate him by showing him our nuclear arsenal or military bases.

Vladimir Putin needs a lesson in the positive synergistic effect of cooperative economic game theory. Otherwise, Putin will be the loser in his actions of gaining territory in Crimea through authoritative and military rule.

As the United States proceeds with bringing sanctions against Russia for Putin’s actions in Crimea, Ukraine or the Ruble falters to the point of being used for wall paper, Putin will soon be experiencing Prisoners Dilemma.

The United States would become stronger economically by breaking up the public school system monopoly. A voucher system and charter schools would provide more choices for families and their children. Mayor Bill Deblasio recently denied Success Academy Charter school in Harlem space in the public school system and reneged on providing space for two other proposed New York City Charter schools.

Recently, Governor Andrew Coumo has taken a more conservative stand rallying for support of charter schools in the State of New York. Governor Andrew Coumo should consider petitioning to invoke the Sherman Anti-Trust Act against the public school system. Maybe, US Attorneys from other States will enjoin especially, since President Barack Obama failed to renew the school voucher system in the District of Columbia.

American students achievements in education would provide a path for the advancement of Capitalism and wealth.

The United States “do good philanthropists” the favor factory politicians and their buying of votes through social programs influenced by the former Soviet Union don’t want to unleash the sleeping giant stated by Ronald Reagan the “Entrepreneurial America.”

America will rise again. "Be proud to be an American and work hard to gain your share of America, in doing so you will be contributing to what America has to offer." Louis Pinga

Coin Collectors may buy “lady liberty” Peace dollar coins dated between 1921-1935 as a reminder of the fact that its America’s liberty and freedom that produces an environment of peace. You may even consider giving a Peace dollar coin to a veteran as a way of saying thanks for their service to our great nation.

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