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Peace in the Indifference

Love is Sweet..
Love is Sweet..

How do we keep loosing sight? I think to myself, doors swing swaying open & shut, we’re lost or found in different corridors of our lives. In different sections and if we’re lucky love, wraps its arms around us and takes us for our best dance yet, hip swing swaying against each other, us re-finding all of our pieces and how they split.

True love takes courage because it is everything – it’s the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. Finding peace in the indifference, one of the most remarkable questions I feel like I ever asked the universe… myself… was how can love and fear be one? How can good and bad exist in the same person, and both we aspects of God? Or love? …. Because the one gives life to the other, it gives meaning, and purpose, and purpose the only truth… for me anyway, is to find the blessing.

To feel the feelings, to cry the tears when they are necessary, to laugh with friends, with myself, AT myself, as much as possible

To keep remember to peel of layers and finding reasons to. Starting with you, the number one reason I am here…. Here together braver and braver, sharing little pieces of my heart.
Together we open up.

Share with someone today, feed a homeless person, give a friend a kiss, bake a cake and share with your neighbor. Create a piece of art(heart).

Be Love, & find the courage to do it, and remember Love is Sweet...

by Ashley Davene

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