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Peace of mind and heart

Is your mind always busy thinking? Have you ever consciously noticed that the chatter never stops? Or, do you feel tension in your chest? The tension referred to in this article is due to stress and emotions that exacerbate the feelings of anxiety in the body. It is no surprise with  the reports of catastrophes taking place  over the world, the fear of not finding or keeping a job, and the endless wars that many people have forgotten or never learned peace of mind and heart.

Take a moment to take a deep inhale through your nose followed by a full exhale right now. Do it again...this time a little slower. One more time, with your eyes closed...slower. Take a few moments to simply breathe slowly and just observe it flow in and out. Do not worry, the article will still be here when you are done with your experiement.

If you took the time to close your eyes and simply breathe with intention, you have just meditated. Meditation is done in so many manners. The beauty of it is that it can be done anytime and just about anywhere. Even if it is just for a few moments or even longer, it does not matter. What does matter is the powerful effect it has on your mind and heart.

The heart is given a good dose of oxygen to share with your cells. Your mind is given a moment to simply focus on breathing...nothing else. Take the time to quiet the "chatter" in the mind and you will train your mind to not dominate YOU. To quiet the mind actually changes the release of chemicals released in the glands. You have the power to either create a toxic internal environment or a calm one. It can be started by simply breathing.

You have the power to have peace of mind and heart. It simply starts with breathing. It may not change what is going on in the world; however, it will change what is going on within you. Start with your well-being and then what is best will follow. If everyone on the planet took a moment focus on peace within, there would be an abundance of peaceful energy surrounding the planet. Each of us makes a difference. So, yes, even YOU can make a difference by generating the energy of peace in your mind and heart. Start now....for this moment is all we truly have.


  • Frenzy36 5 years ago

    Such a simple message but the truth of it is obvious.

  • Ric Vogt 5 years ago

    Thank you for this moment of Peace. Namaste...moooooo

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