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Peace Deal May Be Closer Then Ever!

With the deadline for the peace talks only 3 days away, it is still possible that a peace agreement can soon be reached.

The peace talks appeared to have faulted due to the fact that a few days back, the Palestinians angered Netanyahu by joining forces with Hamas, which Israel claims is a terrorist group.

The reason Netanyahu is so angry by this move is because Hamas was said to be behind the terror attacks against Israel. Netanyahu puts all the blame for the continued rocket fire into Israel from Gaza on Hamas.But Abbas and the Palestinians know that the only way to possibly create peace is for Hamas and Israel to talk, and be willing to cooperate with each other creating their own solutions.

Abbas had warned Obama last month that if the peace talks failed, the Palestinians would over ride John Kerry and create their own coalition with Hamas, and Hamas promised in return to provide a peaceful solution. But their ultimate reason for the two to team up and join forces is to get land through a peace deal with Israel.

In February, as Obama met with Netanyahu and Abbas at the White House, Abbas warned that if a peace deal is not reached by the April 29th deadline then the Palestinians will form their own peace agenda, with Hamas taking over where John Kerry had failed.

At the same time Hamas was reaching out to Israel, bringing their own plans about peace to the table, Hamas said they no longer wished to be in conflict. First and foremost, they talked with Netanyahu about giving up some of the land in Jerusalem in exchange for peace. Hamas said if they could have part of Jerusalem then the peace for Israel will be guaranteed, no more rocket fire. They even agreed to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. So far Netanyahu has not given deep thought about the issue, but progress is being made toward the ultimate goal.

Just before Abbas joined Hamas for this peace solution, Netanyahu was reportedly ready to draw up new borders. Hamas says it is willing to make peace with Fatah and Israel through a referendum vote, bypassing any ideas or input given by Abbas.

John Kerry held a recent meeting, in which Abbas claimed that this new unity government with Hamas will recognize Israel as a state. And one of John Kerry's requirements will also be met. They are now willing and ready to denounce all violence toward Israel.

The peace deal is getting closer then ever, it may or may not make John Kerry's deadline, but it will still continue through the Palestinians, Hamas and Israel, with or without John Kerry at the helm. This is why John Kerry says he still has hope for peace.

Despite what the media reports, both sides are showing signs of the readiness and willingness to agree for peace. Netanyahu reportedly was drawing up new border. Abbas joining Hamas is a step toward peace. Hamas is a key player in all of this because they were the terrorists who were actually preventing peace. As Netanyahu said many times, if you want peace then you have to control the terrorists constantly firing rockets into Israel.

This is a huge step from Abbas, and is the closet thing ever in the progress of peace. Even though it looks like a failure, in fact it could be a tremendous step in the progress of moving forward. It is only a failure as far as John Kerry is concerned.

When the peace agreement is signed, the tribulation hour will begin. It will come as a surprise to many, aside from those who are watching the signs daily. Get your heart ready as Jesus could come any day now. Ask him into your heart and to forgive you of your sins and he will save you from the horrors that are about to come during the hour of tribulation. Don't be left behind, get your heart ready for Jesus today!

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