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'Peace At Last: After-Death Experiences of John Lennon' republished as eBook

“Peace At Last, The After-Death Experiences of John Lennon,” by late author Jason M. Leen (1982, 1989, Illumination Arts Publishing) has been republished (May 1, 2014) through the efforts of his partner, Jan Klyce as an eBook with extra material. It is available on both Amazon U.S. and Amazon UK). Leen’s book was the first to communicate channeled conversations from the late Beatle. In late 2010, the John Lennon Examiner interviewed Jason through a taped video conference, as he was preparing to re-publish his book with new material. Sadly, Jason became ill and died unexpectedly the following spring. In light of Klyce’s latest successful undertaking to republish her partner’s book, our video conference with Jason is included here, as well as a review of this new Kindle version of “Peace At Last” (J&J Publishing.)

'Peace At Last: the after death experiences of John Lennon' has been republished with added material for eBook
Jason Leen book cover

John Lennon appeared to Leen, who was clairaudient since the age of five, on December 11, 1980, three days after he was so tragically murdered. Lennon explained that he would return, and asked Jason to be “prepared” for lengthy communications that he could share with the world. Jason had previously become known for his work publishing the third book in a trilogy of Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet.” The book Jason channeled and published is “Death of the Prophet”, and was accepted to the Library of Congress, he said, as a valid work of Gibran’s.

Jason told us in our interview, “He did return, thirty days later, and we began.” The resulting material shared incredible details of John's experiences, beginning with the shock of his murder, and then entering the tunnel of light, after which he is reunited with his mother Julia. John underwent a major “physical” transformation that included a complete spiritual cleansing. He is told that due to his influence on Earth, he is being asked to stay close to the earth plane to help the human race through its evolution.

"Peace At Last" is not a frilly ghost story. It's a serious work that may take a couple of readings for it to truly sink in. But it will definitely prove enlightening those who read it. In the book, Lennon sees heavenly realms that are so beyond normal earthly description that a new “glossary of terms” was created—such as “Primary Matrix or The Matrix”: “The core electromagnetic pattern, which establishes the basic conditions of the physical planet Earth”---There is information concerning the Divine plan for the transformation of the earth, which thirty years ago seemed outlandish, but seem to be currently underway.

Those interested in the Metaphysical, including channeling and other New Age subjects, will enjoy this book. Beatles fans and John Lennon fans may find it off-putting at first if they only see John Lennon as a former Beatle with a sharp tongue and a Liverpudlian accent, or are looking for secret Beatles revelations or music. However there is an in-depth conversation about the source of music itself in the cosmos and the role of the "Master Musician" in John's soul. Those who believe that life goes on after death, and that Lennon could be transformed into a great spiritual influence, will devour it with fascination as they ponder the possibilities of life after death.

The book is overall, the same as the 1989 print version. There are a few extra nice additions though, including some extra text from Jason’s personal notes that he did not include in the first version. This includes what John told Jason about his first impressions of dying, and a few beautiful new images, including one of John’s spirit overlooking a beautiful waterfall. Jan’s Afterword and the dedication to Jason’s work is heartfelt.

“John’s openness and sensitivity inspired a whole generation of people to follow his lead,” Klyce said. “Now he asks us to view death in a new way than we may have before. Having passed through the illusion of death, and freeing himself from its limitations, John now seeks to share what he has learned. In life, John deeply believed in the power of music and love. In his after-life he reaches back across the ‘veil’ to all who will listen... as a messenger, an emissary for the energies now available to assist in mankind's evolution.”

Besides the new eBook version, priced at $6.98, you can still find it in print for just over $10.00, or less for used copies at Amazon. Here is the official site for J&J Publishing where "Peace At Last", "The Prophet Trilogy" and a children's book, "Andrew's Wish" is available for purchase.

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