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Peace Agreement Prophecy About to be Fulfilled

The Bible tells us in the end days in the book of Daniel, that he the Antichrist will sign a covenant with many for one week, or 7 days. And when they say peace and safety, as in the peace agreement, sudden destruction shall come upon them and they shall not escape.

These two Bible passages right there tell us that in the end days, there will be an agreement that involves peace. A seven year peace agreement orchestrated by the Antichrist that will involve all nations. When this agreement is signed, the tribulation hour will begin where all people of the earth will be tested, and the rapture of the church will occur. Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled as the this peace agreement spoken of by Daniel is about to be fulfilled.

In July 2013, John Kerry announced a plan of peace in the Middle East and he gave it a deadline of nine months. This brings us to the date of April 29th, 2014 which is fast approaching. Kerry promised the Palestians that when this peace deal is done, they will have their own state, which would involve dividing the Land of Israel. His biggest hurdle so far was getting Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel to agree to anything. Netanyahu's biggest excuse so far, is that the Palestinians and the Muslem world refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and with that, there could never be peace in the Middle East. In response to this deadlock, John Kerry began to announce that the peace negotiations may need to be extended beyond the April 29th deadline. But Abbas and the Palestinians do not want it extended as they want their state now, without any further delay. So as a result, the Arab world has decided to take a different, more softer, approach to Netanyahu.

Abbas seems to be taking Kerry's lead by going to places throughout Israel making speeches on how important it is to create Peace. Just recently Abbas made a speech in Ramalah, in which he addressed young Israeli students about the peace agreement and how Palestine should have its own state. He succeeded in getting many of them on his side.

He also got the terror group Hamas involved in the issue. Hamas has contacted Netanyahu about their own plans and ideas about the peace process and how they no longer want to be in conflict with Israel. This is the terrorist group from the Gaza strip who has been responsible for the rockets being fired into Israel on a daily basis. The group contacted Israel after a recent bombing campaign by Israel to take out terrorist leaders in the Gaza strip. So this communication effort is very attractive to Israel as it will stop the terror, rocket firing and violence into Israel. Having this group in cooperation appears to be a win, win situation. The leader of Hamas and the Prime Minister of Israel continue to negotiate on this issue. Hamas says they want Jerusalem to be divided, giving half the land to the Palestinians in exchange for peace. And to top it all off, news reports out of the region are saying that Abbas is now willing to accept Israel as a Jewish nation.

The next hurdle to peace is now coming out into the forefront. Israel brought the issue up at the Knesset, that Jewish people should be allowed to pray at the Temple Mount. Israel is getting the demand out there and so far, Jordan's Military Police have been in protest, demanding that they break the agreement made with Israel twenty years ago. Even though there is protest the idea is getting out there for discussion. And if the Palestinians want a peace deal and to have any hope of having their own state, then they must allow the Jewish people to pray on the Temple Mount. The Bible says that a third temple will be built, and in order for this to happen, there must be some sort of agreement to let the Jewish people build the Temple.

If the Palestinians agree to let the Jewish people pray on the Temple Mount, then it would be logical to assume that they will agree on letting them build the Temple there. A peace agreement would be signed and the tribulation hour will begin. The rapture of the church will occur. So how close are we to this agreement and for these events to unfold?

Well let's see. John Kerry gave the deadline of April 29th, and wanted to extend it, but Abbas refused the extension. So it looks like Abbas is very eager to cooperate and is ready to agree. He has already agreed to stop the violence in the Gaza Strip, and has agreed that Israel is a Jewish State. These are two huge hurdles that have been overcome. The negotiations are two thirds of the way completed and it is doubtful that he would want to turn back now.

If Abbas agrees to let the Jewish people pray at the temple mount, then the peace agreement is as good as signed and right on time for the April 29th deadline. The Bible says there will be signs in the sun, the moon and the stars. The signs for April is telling us that Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled. So because of these signs, it is a really good bet that a Peace deal will be signed in April.

On April 15th, there will be the first of 4 blood moons that fall on consecutive feast days. Passover 2014, Passover 2015, Sukkot 2014 and Sukkot 2015. The blood moons to fall on feast days consecutively is very rare. In fact, the last time this happened is when the Jews captured Israel during the 6 day war. So a blood moon over Israel, especially on a feast day is a sign of war for Israel. The first blood moon is on Passover and interestingly enough, a solar eclipse is a sign for war for the rest of the nations of the world. There is also a solar eclipse in the month of April. And ironically, this solar eclipse falls on April 29th, which is also the deadline that was set for the peace agreement.

No one knows exactly how things are going to happen. We can only make theories based on world events and Bible prophecy. But these signs that are coming, these blood moons, surely tell us that time is running out and that we can expect big things to happen, in the days, months and the few short years ahead. The best thing to do is to get ready! Jesus is coming for his bride to save them from the hour of tribulation that is soon to come. Ask Jesus into your heart, and ask for forgiveness of your sins. Don't be left behind to suffer the wrath of the Antichrist. Watch, pray and repent daily!

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