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PDAF: Senators, congressmen & cabinet members involved in the PDAF Scam

DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima, Janet Lim Napoles
DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima, Janet Lim Napoles
YouTube/video screenshot/Rappler

Earlier this afternoon, May 12, 2014 (Philippine time) or May 11, 2014 (U.S. time), Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman TG Guingona, announced that the controversial Napoles's List will be given to him by former Sen. Panfilo Ping Lacson next week. In an interview with reporters awhile ago, the gentleman from Bukidnon said 9 incumbent senators are included on the list, but in the matter of fairness, he decided to keep it private because the list is still in the hands of the former senator.

Reports are claiming that aside from 9 incumbent senators, 12 former senators, several congressmen and cabinet secretaries are also involved in the PDAF Scam. Some observers say these numbers are the possible reasons why DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima is still hesitant to come out and identify the senators, congressmen and cabinet secretaries included on the list.

Several days ago, a report from Manila Bulletin confirmed that Rep. Toby Tiangco has already filed a house resolution urging his colleagues to compel the Department of Justice to fully disclose the government officials whose names appear Napoles' List, unfortunately, said resolution is still immovable. Reports said Janet Lim Napoles is an orchestrator of the Php10B PDAF Scam.

Allegedly, she aggregated several numbers of Non-Governmental Organizations and encouraged senators, congressmen and cabinet members to transfer their PDAF in their personal accounts. Unfortunately, Benhur Luy cried foul and revealed her bad activities with these government officials after he rescued by the National Bureau of Investigation from the hands of Janet Napoles.

He filed illegal detention case against his former boss who is now recovering from a major operation in Makati Hospital (Ospital Ng Makati). This is an interesting case, and if you are following this Php10B PDAF Scam, you should not miss the scheduled hearing of Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman TG Guingona because promised that he will reveal the names of the lawmakers and cabinet members.