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PCs Double Down on Redford

Alison Redford faces the media.
Alison Redford faces the media.
Calgary Herald

The Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta has no constitutional means to remove Premier Alison Redford as leader, even if it wanted to.

That simple fact being noted, there is no question that this weekend's meeting between Redford and the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta executive was an opportunity for the PCAA to send a clear message to Albertans in four words: we don''t condone this.

Instead, the PCs sent a mixed message to Albertans.

On one hand, they say they've given Redford a "work plan" to follow from this point forward. That may sound promising, but the PCs have seen fit to reveal no details about what this "work plan" entails.

But on the other hand, reports are emerging that Kelley Charbalois is out as the party's Executive Director. According to Mount Royal political scientist Duane Bratt, this meeting may have ended with Redford being given more power, not less. “We’re hearing, or it’s being reported that, Kelley Charlebois, the Executive Director of the party has been replaced,” he reported. “Whether he has resigned, whether he’s been fired, whether he’s been asked to resigned is unclear, but it looks like a Redford loyalist is being moved into that position.”

One thing is certain: speculation that Redford would be asked for her resignation have proven false. The Progressive Conservative Party has decided to do more than just continue gambling on Alison Redford's leadership. Arguably, they've chosen to double down.

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