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PCH giving away thousands this week: Will Georgia have a money winner?

PCH wants to know what you would buy with $20,000 if you win a check from them on Jan. 14 or Jan. 15?
PCH wants to know what you would buy with $20,000 if you win a check from them on Jan. 14 or Jan. 15?
PCH Facebook

Fresh off the "Let's Make a Deal" show, where they gave away thousands of dollars to game show contestants to the dismay of some of their fans, the PCH Prize Patrol team will be giving one lucky winner a check for $20,000 on Tuesday, according to a Jan. 13 Facebook post by team member Danielle Lam.

PCH Prize Patrol will be on the road Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 14-15 delivering more free money.
PCH Facebook Danielle Lam

This time the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes company will be rewarding a faithful fan of their organization instead of game show contestants. And this time that faithful fan receiving a check is also a "superfan" making them eligible for double their winnings. So instead of getting a $10,000 check as PCH advertised would be given away on Jan. 14, tomorrow's winner will get one for double that amount.

The company gave away $20,000 checks when they appeared on "Let's Make a Deal" so it seems only fitting that their more faithful sweepstakes entrants would warrant the same cash prize, but that will not be the case when Wednesday's recipient gets their surprise check, as it will only be in the amount of $10,000.

Clues have already been dropping about where the team will end up handing out the big check people have come to associate with the prize van and its three money delivering occupants. And according to Lam the first clue for Tuesday's delivery is this:

The winner does not live in a state that borders Canada or Mexico."

That leaves a lot of other states still in the running, at least until the next prize clue is delivered around 5:45 p.m. ET on Monday.

Good luck to all who have played diligently and now anticipate a nice payoff for their efforts. And, hopefully, it will be someone that the company's Facebook fans will be glad to see win. And since the majority of those who comment on the company's Facebook page are always talking about hoping someone who really needs the money will get it, then hopefully it will be someone like that who wins.

Check back for more on the Tuesday winner here, as well as clues for where the prize patrol van will go on Wednesday. And if you want a run down of all the current Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes opportunities still available for entry, click here.

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