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PCH announces no one will win a million a year for life prize

When the Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Prize Patrol van rolls into one lucky winner's state on Friday it will not be with a million dollars a year forever prize, according to the PCH Blog on February 26, 2014. Yes, that is the prize they have touted as being up for grabs for months now, but, unfortunately, the winning ticket was not returned by the deadline. But don't despair, as there will be a prize awarded in its place.

The prize winner on Friday will receive one million dollars when Dave, Todd and Danielle Lam show up. And Lam, one of the three elite Prize Patrol team members who hand out those big checks, says that she is excited that a second-chance drawing turned up a winner for that runner up prize.

Georgia hopes that the winning number will come from their state this year, as they have not ever had a super prize winner before, yet their neighbor Florida has had a number of them. But will the Peach State be able to finally boast such a feat this year--and this month?

Feb. 28 is the day the Prize Patrol team will roll into the winner's city to award what they had hoped would be their biggest prize thus far in the history of Publishers Clearing House. But now they know that the prize amount will not surpass their company's winning award record.

But what winner is really going to complain about winning a million dollars for free as a second-chance prize? And it will not even have cost them the price of a ticket, which they would have had to pay to play in their state lottery.

Last year in February when the Prize Patrol sought to deliver a $5,000 a week forever super prize the winning number was not returned then either, causing them to do like this year and award a runner up prize to a runner up winner. That lucky lady in 2013 was Louisiana winner Elise Gutierrez, who was just finally getting back into her home that year after it was almost destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. You can watch the Prize Patrol team awarding Elise her million dollar check in the video shown above.

Some wonder if PCH will now consider that their "randomly selected" early-look winning number configuration must be set too high for anyone to ever win, especially since the expected participation they are receiving annually for this sweepstakes event is not producing a winner for the advertised prize. But we will have to wait and see if they address that issue or not.

For now, it may be too late to enter to win the million dollar a year forever prize (and the prize number may have been too high for anyone participating to win it), but it is not too late to enter a number of other super prizes to be awarded this year by Publishers Clearing House. And it will not cost you a cent to enter. You can enter to win prizes from the convenience of your own home, at any time of the day or night with this company.

On Friday, NBC will televise the PCH Prize Patrol delivering the million dollar check to some lucky winner in America on Feb. 28. And let's just hope that this time that winner will be from Georgia--and it will be me! I promise to tell you all about the process, and to let you know what I do with the money, if I win. And heck, I might even do a reality series about it, in conjunction with Publishers Clearing House, giving you a better look at the whole PCH winning process. And wouldn't that be a fun read?

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