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PCH announces new sweepstakes in honor of 1 million Facebook fans

PCH gives away thousands of dollars to thank their million plus Facebook fans.
PCH gives away thousands of dollars to thank their million plus Facebook fans.
PCH Facebook

On Jan. 27 Publishers Clearing House (PCH) launched a new sweepstakes on Facebook. And according to the PCH Blog, the latest winning opportunity is due to the fact they finally have more than one million FB fans.

Publishers Clearing House announces new "Thanks A Million" Giveaway No. 4311 and 4312 promotion.

The direct marketing company is calling it the Thanks A Million Giveaway, but don't expect them to be giving away a million to their fans from that sweepstakes event. Instead, cash prizes are as follows. Four people will win $1,000 each and 20 people will win $250. each.

And with a million people to compete with for those small-dollar prizes, you will want to keep up entering all the other contests and sweepstakes currently available from this company and others in order to possibly win something.

But don't despair, because there are still super prizes to be given away this year from Publishers Clearing House and other companies, like HGTV. And as promised, here's a recap of the past and current winning opportunities from PCH, so you will know what is supposed to be coming in 2014 from their company.

Giveaways still up for grabs as of Jan. 27, 2014 from Publishers Clearing House:

Giveaway #3726 has 18 prizes still available to win, which include a prize of up to $1 Million in cash; $100,000 in cash (2 people can win this prize based upon the two different entries found on their Website); $75,000 in cash is also up for grabs for two people, and cash to buy a fully-loaded Ford F-150 truck (worth $52,450) is promised to be given away.

Also under this same particular giveaway numbered account will be award prize money for a dream car worth $50,000 for one lucky person. And this giveaway funded account will pay two people $50,000 in cash, and give someone else up to $50,000 in cash based upon details on their official site.

Another giveaway 3726 winner could win $40,000 in cash; up to $40,000 in cash, or $30,000 in cash for a big city vacation (or whatever you want to do with it). There is a $25,000 cash prize for those who want to spend their winnings on gas and groceries. $20,000 in cash for two people to do something "secret" with, and $10,000 in cash for someone looking to enjoy a five-star ski trip.

And that's just from giveaway number 3726 from this company. PCH is also going to be awarding the following super prizes listed below in the coming year (or by 8/31/15):

In their giveaway # 3577, they provide three $1 Million winning opportunities on And the same official site lists these spectacular super prize giveaways for Gvwy #3080: a $1 Million a year forever super prize; a $250,000 a year for life super prize, and a $3 Million dollar cash super prize, so you can spend it building or buying your dream home.

In addition, Giveaway #3600 will pay out "Bonus Cash" of $30,000 to $50,000. Gvwy. #3727 will give one lucky shopper $5,000 to spend. And then there are those "Thanks a Million Giveaway" cash prizes mentioned earlier for $1,000 and $250.

So if you are wanting a dream kitchen makeover, to participate in a VIP sporting experience, or take a big city vacation, now's the time to enter at And to become debt-free, or fly off on a five-star ski trip or African safari, be sure to go straight to the "sweepstakes" section of this direct marketing company's website, where you can also choose to try and win their "go-green home enhancements" money too.

Now if we can just get Publishers Clearing House (PCH) to list who won the Horizon treadmill, Dell computer, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Canon camera, Home Depot gift card and all the other prizes up for grabs in December from their redeemable token prize section. After all, it is almost time for them to draw winners of the same prizes for January, and we don't know who won for last month.

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