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PCH and HGTV to use 'ambush style' notification of winners: Bring it on!

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Ambushing your enemy target can mean the difference between victory or defeat in a war. And it is typically seen as an adversarial tactic. But when two well-known businesses use the "ambush style" approach to notify sweepstakes winners of their fortunate new prize status, they are not looked upon as someone to avoid. In fact, people are generally very happy to see either company show up at their door unexpectedly.

So while HGTV gears up on Feb. 11 for a second season of "Scoring the Deal"--a reality show about a real estate agent specializing in celebrity-style homes for athletes--the company is also preparing for an ambush of their future Dream Home sweepstakes winner, which their sweepstakes rules state will get ambushed sometime between March 3-9, 2014.

Publishers Clearing House ( will ambush their big money sweepstakes winner a week or two before the Home and Garden company, and NBC is planning on covering the staggering Feb. 28 award of the $1 Million-A-Year Forever Prize.

But don't think either company will show up in military garb or face paint. It isn't happening. But do expect things like PCH emblazoned balloons, a bouquet of flowers, and lots of cameramen trailing after people carrying either big checks or big smiles.

Those who don't mind being blindsided at their home by a camera crew or people bringing high-dollar prizes still have time to enter both sweepstakes opportunities. You can enter the HGTV 2014 Dream Home giveaway online through Valentines Day. And as long as mailed-in entries are postmarked on that same date (and received by Feb. 21), they will be eligible for the Lake Tahoe area home worth $2 million dollars, too.

PCH's $1 Million-A-Year Forever Prize opportunity ends on Feb. 20, so there is still time to enter that sweepstakes online at But you better hurry, as that prize will be the first one delivered ambush style. And it will happen on Feb. 28.

If you are not into being ambushed by sweepstakes companies, but you still want to win a big prize, check out the big dollar sweepstakes opportunities found on the Sweepstakes Advantage Web site. After all, not all large prizes are delivered in-person by giveaway companies. Some are sent via registered mail or Federal Express delivery.

But winning a million dollars cash (or a $2 million dollar dream home) will likely motivate most anyone to agree to being ambushed by well wishers with those kinds of prizes. So HGTV or PCH should feel free to come to my home, as I am armed and ready--with a smile.



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