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PC tip of the day - day 105: Hiding the underlined letter in menu items

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Day 105 / 365

Note: Most of these PC tips of the day are usable in any version of Windows. This tip, however, is more for Windows XP and earlier because Microsoft is moving away from menus. The new "Ribbon" menu and other alternatives are replacing the standard menus of yesterday.

Menu items at the top of windows have an underlined letter. Holding the ALT key down and hitting the underlined letter will invoke the action for that menu item.

To hide underlined letters on menus until the ALT key is pressed do the following:
• Right click the desktop.
• Choose Properties.
• Click on the Appearance tab at the top.
• Click the Effects... button.
• Check the “Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the ALT key” box.

Whether to hide underlined letters or not is simply a personal preference.

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