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PC game release list for the week of 1/20/2014

KickBeat brings rhythm and combat together.
KickBeat brings rhythm and combat together.

In this week's PC releases, we encounter a majority of downloadable titles ranging from shooters, to RPGs, and rhythm games. Blackguards is a strategy turn based RPG looking to bring what looks like dark fantasy into the forefront. I've only encountered one hex based battleground game once, in the form of Expeditions: Conquistador and that ended up being a really fun game with a surprising amount of character development. While obviously different in setting, the core gameplay could prove to be fun as you think up strategies to defeat your foes. Remember though, it's still early access.

Insurgency, uses the Source Engine, and lets you battle through firefights in close quarters combat. Also early access, the first person shooter includes multi-player and co-op, which features mission based objectives as well as outpost defense.

Lastly there's KickBeat a rhythm game using Kung Fu theme. It's original at least and looks to bring an electronic vibe to the musical combative proceedings.

Here's the entire PC game release list for this week:

A Wizard's Lizard




Might & Magic X: Legacy

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[Source: Shacknews]

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