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PC deal alert: Command & Conquer titles up to 75% off


Command & Conquer EA Store Sale

With the insane buzz surrounding a certain Blizzard-developed PC title this week, it looks like Electronic Arts is trying to steal at least a small fraction of StarCraft II's booming RTS thunder with a deeply discounted catalog of Command & Conquer titles for PC.

From July 29th (today!) through August 1st, the EA Store is selling digital downloads of select C&C games for up to 75% off.

Included in the sale are Red Alert 3 for $14.97 and Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath for only $9.97 among others. The gem, however, is Red Alert 3: Uprising - a standalone expansion - for only $4.99.

Sure, it's crafty timing but for those who still haven't experienced the more recent C&C offerings, the price is right.  So if you RTS-hungry gamers need more strats and micro, jump over to the EA Store's C&C sale by clicking here.

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