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‘PBS Sherlock Holmes’ season 3: A brilliant mind has to rest

London's Dynamic Duo
London's Dynamic Duo

Where is Sherlock?

Warning: This content may contain spoilers

Rumors have reached America from across the pond that Masterpiece Theater’s hit show ‘Sherlock Holmes’ may not return for quite some time. The Brits are known for cutting their series down to less than ten episodes per season. So having said that coupled with the fact that all three episodes of season three have now been aired, you may wonder how long you will have to wait to see Sherlock and his mate Watson.

The show’s executive producer Steven Moffat did confirm that ‘Sherlock,’ which is brilliantly played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch, will return for season four. Cumberbatch has really made a name for himself here in the States starring in such films as ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ and ‘Atonement.’

Fans eagerly wait for the quirky crime detective to continue deducing. Continue to check your local PBS station listings for updates.