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PBS 'Mr. Slefridge' Harry Selfridge prepares for war after losing male employees

Mr. Selfridge” (PBS) can be seen each Sunday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode on April 20, 2014 was called, “2.4” which means season 2, episode 4. The overnight TV ratings are not available from the public broadcasting system.

The Charity Event
PBS Television

Mr. Selfridge” has an ensemble cast of 18 characters. Here are six of them, Aisling Loftus (Agnes Towler), Frances O'Connor (Rose Selfridge), Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr. Grove), Grégory Fitoussi (Henri Leclair), Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae) & Jeremy Piven (Harry Selfridge).

2.4” opened with news that Germany attacked & killed many Belgium citizens as war begins. George Towler buys a newspaper & tells his sister Agnes that every young man in England has to fight for their country. Most of the male employees who work at Selfridges will decide to go into war. Harry discusses this with Mr. Grove & Mr. Crab. The store will have to hire new employees.

Rose is planning a charity event to raise money to help the Belgium refugees during this war. They come up with the idea to sell chocolates throughout the store of Selfridges. Victor has not decided if he wants to join the British army or not. He continues to argue with his uncle Joe over the war effort. George tries to influence his co-workers to join the war because of his patriotic stance as a man & Englishmen.

Agnes & George argue over whether he should go to war or not. George believes that his country needs him. Henri Leclair is in financial debt who owes money. He decides to go back to Selfridges for only six months. He does not tell anyone he needs the money. Mr. Thackery is quite jealous of Agnes with her position in the design department. He believes he is better than Agnes & argues with her over Rose's charity placements.

Lord Loxley sees boot manufacturers for the war effort who wants a financial kick back from those sales. He doesn't want anyone to know what he's doing. However, his wife Lady Mae tells her maid to listen in on all business talk downstairs. The Lord is near financial bankruptcy because of his gambling losses.

Harry & Rose are growing close again after years of struggle in their marriage. Miss Mardle asks Agnes to live with her in the large house she inherited after brother's death. Agnes accepts the offer after her brother decides to join the war.

Who does Mr. Selfridge hire after the male employees leave for war? Will Victor decide to join the war himself? Does Lord Loxley get rich off those kick backs? You can watch the full episode of “Mr. Selfridge” at the official website of “PBS.”

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