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PBS 'Mr. Selfridge' returns on 5th anniversary of store & more drama

Lord Loxley & Lady Mae
Lord Loxley & Lady Mae
PBS Television

Mr. Selfridge” (PBS) can be seen each Sunday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode on March 30, 2014 was called, “2.1” which means Season 2, Episode 1. The overnight TV ratings are not available from the public broadcasting system. This period piece TV show has been picked up for a third season by PBS.

Mr. Selfridge” has an 18 ensemble cast. Here are five main characters, Frances O'Connor (Rose Selfridge), Grégory Fitoussi (Henri Leclair), Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae) & Jeremy Piven (Harry Selfridge).

“2.1” opened with Mr. Selfridge being interviewed by a news reporter on the 5th anniversary of “Selfridges.” The reporter asked a question about the scandal that made his wife Rose Selfridge take the kids & move back to Chicago. That was two years ago & Harry has tried to move away from the theatre play that was written on the gossip surrounding him. It was humiliating, but Harry is flourishing with his department store.

Lady Mae Loxley's husband surprises her by coming back to London. Lord Loxley is an arrogant man who doesn't like Harry nor his store. Him & Lady Mae cannot stand each other either, but are married nonetheless. The Lord insults her in the store & Harry gets in his face after his rude behavior.

Agnes Towler returns from Paris & Harry makes her the new head of display. He asks her to create a display for a book reading by a woman named Delphine Day. She had returned to London on the same ship as Rose. They have become friends. Delphine also owns a nightclub that is well known in town.

James Edwards is a news reporter who wrote that play about Harry, Rose & Lady Mae. He left London two years ago to write a book in the United States. That book failed. He has returned to write freelance for a local newspaper. Harry forgives him & they take a meeting. Miss Mardel receives a telegram that her brother has an illness. She asks for a leave of absence from the chief of staff Mr. Grove. She fell in love with him, but he surprisingly married another woman.

Rose goes to Delphine Day's nightclub & she sees the male artist who painted her portrait two years before. He fell in love with her after they kissed once & it was a hot kiss. She fought her desire back then & is surprised to see him at the nightclub.

Why does Lady Mae warn Rose about Delphine Day? Has Lord Loxley come back to London for ambitious dealings? Will Rose meet up with the artist again after two long years? - You can watch the full episode of “2.1” at the official website of “Mr. Selfridge.”

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