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PBS 'Mr. Selfridge' Mr. Grove jealous of Miss Mardle's young male lover

Mr. Selfridge” (PBS) can be seen each Sunday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode on May 18, 2014 was called “2.8” which means season 2, episode 8. The overnight TV ratings are not available from the public broadcasting system.

Mr. Grove & Miss Mardle
PBS Television

Mr. Selfridge” has an ensemble cast of 18 characters. Here are 7 of them, Aisling Loftus (Agnes Towler), Frances O'Connor (Rose Selfridge), Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr. Grove), Grégory Fitoussi (Henri Leclair), Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae), Jeremy Piven (Harry Selfridge) & Amanda Abbington (Miss Mardle).

2.8” opened with Miss Mardle lying naked in bed with her young male lover named Florine. He is also her guest border in the house she inherited from her deceased brother. She is a happy woman who doesn't want anyone to know about their tryst. Mr. Grove saw Florine kiss Mardle on the street & he becomes jealous. He talks to her in his office & claims that Florine only wants financial gain from her. She is furious & tells him to stay out of her business.

5 years ago, Miss Mardle was deeply in love with Mr. Grove. They finally slept together & she thought that they would go into a relationship, but he married another woman. He also wanted their sexual relationship to continue on the side. She left him. He still has a thing for her after 5 years of working along side each other at Selfridges.

The news broke that Lady Mae had left her husband Lord Loxley. She finally tells Harry Selfridge that she was abused. He invites her to stay with him & his family. Rose feels tired & goes to the doctor. Delphine Day encourages her to leave town to get some rest. Rose agrees to, but Lady Mae accuses Delphine of trying to break up Harry's marriage. She also tells Harry to watch out for Delphine who surprises him by asking for a relationship. He says no & bids her farewell.

Victor confronts Henri Leclair about Agnes & he gets aggressive. Victor claims that he was there for Agnes through it all. Even when her brother George went missing in the war. He returns home wounded & Victor wants to get married right away before George goes back into war. Agnes is unsure & you can see it in her eyes. Is it because of Leclair or that she just doesn't want to get married?

Lord Loxley storms into Harry's home & demands that Lady Mae come back to him. Harry intervenes & Loxley says he will ruin her life in divorce court. He's afraid she will tell the truth about his dirty financial kick-backs he gets from the war. Mr. Grove announces that his wife gave birth to a son in front of the Selfridge staff. He did it to hurt Miss Mardle & it worked because he told her he always wanted a son. He just keeps making these stupid mistakes with her.

Can Frank Edwards still help Harry in the press? Will Lady Mae tell the truth about Lord Loxley's bad deals? Can Miss Mardle be happy with her young lover? You can watch the full episode of “2.8” at the official website of “Mr. Selfridge.”

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