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PBS 'Mr. Selfridge' Lady Mae Loxley exacts revenge on her abusive husband

Mr. Selfridge” (PBS) can be seen each Sunday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode on April 13, 2014 was called, “2.3” which means season 2, episode 3. Overnight TV ratings are not available from the public broad casting system.

Lord Loxley & Lady Mae Loxley
PBS Television

Mr. Selfridge” has an ensemble cast of 18 characters. Here are six, Aisling Loftus (Agnes Towler), Frances O'Connor (Rose Selfridge), Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr. Grove), Grégory Fitoussi (Henri Leclair), Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae) & Jeremy Piven (Harry Selfridge).

2.3” opened with Agnes who is preparing for an empire design idea for the whole store. She pulls out a stuffed tiger, plus a male & female on safari. It is a mirage. The whole store is getting ready for it in every department. Underneath all of that work is the talk of war against the Germans. The young men are getting ready for what might come.

Mr. Grove has been late coming to work who makes many excuses to Harry when he does arrive. Lord Loxley slapped his wife Lady Mae last week & knocked her to the floor. He never apologized & now is beginning to verbally abuse their house maid. She is vulnerable & cries behind closed doors.

Mr. Thackery is jealous of Agnes & he removes her mirage display. Victor also doesn't want part of a display Agnes suggests. He acts quite petty because he is still infatuated with her. She told him that there was no “us” when he asked about their relationship. You can tell he was very hurt by it & that seeps into his job at Selfridges.

Harry tells Mr. Grove that he better shape up or ship out. He hasn't been on top of his job like he usually is. Miss Mardle returns after her brother's funeral. She inherited her brother's house & expensive paintings. She shows that house to Mr. Grove who compliments her. Meanwhile, Henri comes to see Harry who is happy to see him. He offers Henri his job back as creative director of the store. He also asks Henri to help out Agnes on the empire store display.

Lady Mae goes to the bank where she hasn't been in a long time. She puts her expensive jewelry in a box for lock up. She also inquires about the gossip within the bank about Lord Loxley. She is told that her husband is all washed up & in debt because of his gambling. She now has a weapon to use against him.

Can Mr. Grove bounce back from his doldrums? Will Henri return to help Agnes with empire week? Why does Victor kiss Gabriella when he still loves Agnes? You can watch “2.3” at the official website of “Mr. Selfridge.”

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