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PBS 'Mr. Selfridge' Harry's friendship broken with Lady Mae Loxley

Mr. Selfridge” (PBS) can be seen each Sunday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode was called “2.7” which means season 2, episode 7. The overnight TV ratings are not available from the public broadcasting system.

Lady Mae Loxley
PBS Television

Mr. Selfridge” has an ensemble cast of 18 characters. Here are 7 of them, Aisling Loftus (Agnes Towler), Frances O'Connor (Rose Selfridge), Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr. Grove), Grégory Fitoussi (Henri Leclair), Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae), Jeremy Piven (Harry Selfridge) & Amanda Abbington (Miss Mardle).

“2.7” opens with Harry Selfridge returning from Germany. He doesn't know about the news scandal. Lord Loxley told the press that Harry gave him names of shoe manufacturers that created faulty shoes for English men in war. That news hit London & people on the street want Harry to go back to America. Sales at Selfridge's plummeted while he was in Germany.

Harry reported to the British Intelligence about a shoe manufacturer who will be giving information from the front lines during war. Harry asked that intelligence investigate the procurement committee because he feels he was set up by Lord Loxley. Intelligence tells Harry that he is on his own. Lady Mae Loxley left her husband & she has run out of money.

The newspaper where Frank Edwards works will not print Harry's letter to the editor. Frank wrote the story that claimed Harry recommended those manufacturers to Lord Loxley. Frank is threatened with unemployment after he defends Harry to his editor. Meanwhile, Delphine brings film producer, Max Sennett & silent movie star, Mable Normand into Selfridges.

Lord Loxely goes to see Lady Mae & asks her to return to him. She wants a divorce, but he wants her silence over the financial kick backs that he receives by selling shoes to men during the war. Lady Mae goes to Harry to try & help him, but he asks her to leave his home. She vouched for Loxley all over London & Harry no longer considers her a friend.

Can Harry Selfridge recover from this scandal? What will Lady Mae do concerning her ruthless husband? Does Henry Leclair get out of jail? You can watch the full episode of “2.7” at the official website of “Mr. Selfridge.”

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