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PBS 'Mr. Selfridge' devoted fans anticipate TV season 2 beginning March 30

The second TV season of “Mr. Selfridge” (PBS) will begin Sunday evening March 30, 2014 at 9/8 p.m. It is part of the popular “Masterpiece Classics” segment. The show was renewed for its' second TV season last July 2013. It had averaged 4 million TV viewers an episode & 15 million over the full 8 episodes of the first season.

Selfridge employees
PBS Television

Masterpiece” executive producer Rebecca Eaton said after PBS picked up “Mr. Selfridge” for the second season, “It is clear from our audience’s reaction that they want more of Harry Selfridge, his family and department store shopping.”

PBS ordered 10 episodes of “Mr. Selfridge” for its' second TV season. It adds two episodes more than the 8 after the first TV season. Polly Walker & Cal Macaninch are the new cast members added to the ensemble.

According to the official website of “Mr. Selfridge” the synopsis is right here - “At the unfashionable end of Oxford Street in 1909 London - an American retail tycoon arrives to jettison fusty British tradition and open one of the finest department stores the world has ever seen - Selfridges. Jeremy Piven stars as Harry Gordon Selfridge - the flamboyant entrepreneur and showman seeking to provide London's shoppers with the ultimate merchandise and the ultimate thrill.”

There is an ensemble cast of 18 characters in “Mr. Selfridge.” Here are five, Jeremy Piven, (Harry Selfridge), Frances O'Connor (Rose Selfridge), Zoe Tapper (Ellen Love), Tom Goodman-Hill (Mr. Grove) & Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae Loxley).

Last year's season finale episode had Mrs. Rose Selfridge leave her husband Harry & return to Chicago with the kids. They attended a theatre play that had characters which resembled them closely. It was a comedy ripped from London's gossip surrounding Selfridge, his wife & Lady Mae Loxley. It portrayed Rose as having an affair with a painter.

In real life, Rose knew about her husband's affairs. She was lonely & let herself kiss a handsome painter named Roderick Temple. He later fell in love with her. Harry was jealous & threw Roderick out of one of his parties. Lady Mae didn't care about the play or how she was portrayed because her life is an open book. She has money & power in society who had helped Harry Selfridge with his department store.

Harry was embarrassed after the play because it was darn near the truth. He realized that London watched him, his affairs, the gambling, business deals & the growing success of his department store “Selfridges.” - You can get full information on “Mr. Selfridge” at the official PBS website.

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